Poison Clan

Communication Tools:


Our guild's primary tool is a mobile app named Slack. Our officers all use it, as well as the strongest and most experienced players in the guild. I stress this over and over again, but I can't stress it enough - if you want the most out of your game experience, use Slack. When the players are talking there, exchanging information, scheduling events, or just rounding up an extra player for a dungeon, it completely changes the way you interacti in the game.

Slack combines live, instant messaging with historical messages, like a forum, so you can participate in a current conversation, discuss something privately with other member,s or review the last 10,000 lines of historical (public) threads.

The app works on your phone, tbalet, or computer, as well as running in your computer's browser. I can't verify that it will work in your XB's browser at this time.

In order to access Slack, send me your email address (in game or on XB live) and I'll send you an invite from the app.


Our Guild's Facebook page is Poison Clan

Our Alliance's Facebook Page is The Sanity Well

For both groups, you'll need to request to join. Our guild's FB page administrators will ask you to post your gamer tag and character name. They want to keep the riff raff out, so that random haters won't bother you!


Our Guild's Forum page is Poison Clan Forum

Sign up for an account. I'll get an email notification and set up your account.

Typically, this is older information, like writeups on potions, making AD, older builds, and so on. Good historical information, but nowhere near as useful as Slack.


Our Guild's CMS is Poison Clan CMS Blog

Whenever I write an article, I typically post it here, as I can link to it from anywhere else and it has decent formatting.

Lots of new player info, plus you can see the direction we've taken for certain areas in the past, like our roadmap to GH 11 back when we were in the LGPG alliance.

Yes, I picked the Kung Fu logo - just so you know, Poison Clan is named for the old Shaw Brother's flick "Five Deadly Venoms," so watch and enjoy!

XB Club

This isn't live yet, but will eventually be available. XB clubs will let you chat and share information on yoru XB or in the Smart Glass app.

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