Poison Clan

New User Guide:

We're glad you have chosen us as your home in Neverwinter! The information on this page is intended to help you enjoy the greatest success possible in the game and in our guild! The "title" for each item below is the link to open the referenced article. I will continue to add articles here as needed to help you succeed.

What New Players Need To Know

Quick tips to get you started in your new guild

Getting Geared Up

An article to get you started on building up your character.


For new players - how to participate in Dragonflight without wrecking it for your guild mates :)

DragonFlight Etiquette

For new players - guidelines for attending Alliance dragonflights in other strongholds

Neverwinter Acronyms

The shorthand you'll see in chat.

Straylight's Advice for new players

Straylight is one of our Rank 6 officers and appreciated by anyone who plays with him. He's offered to share some excellent advice with you to help you get started.

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