Poison Clan

Go Kill Something!

The Nation alliance is made up of 13 unique, friendly guilds, working together to grow, complete content, and progress in the game.

Several of our member guilds have roster spots available. As each guild has different requirements and a different purpose, there's a good chance that one of them is a good home for you!

If you need strong players to run with, helping completing campaigns and gearing, or just help getting achievements, you should look at our guilds!

White Lotus - Guild Hall 20

Available Roster Spots: 10

Boons: -Barracks Rank 10 -Stable rank 10 -Temple Rank 10 -Wizard's Workshop Rank 10 -Siege Smithy Rank 9

Donation Reqs: 1600 influence per week & running stronghold quests for shards

No buy ins.

Must be working towards FBI.

Minimum Item Lvl:3k

Recruiter Gamertags:





@ l Alive l

Dragon Age - Guild Hall: 15

Niche guild of US & UK players who know their classes, combining excellence in gameplay with a warm, friendly feel. Strong, very active alliance. Relaxed atmosphere & no elite guild pressure or buy-ins.

Stronghold Boons: Stable, Barracks, Temple

Minimum Requirements: 18+, a mic, one level 70 character at 2.2K Item Level, Daily Influence, join guild facebook page.

Recruiter Gamertags:

Moira Cousland

Kill La KiLLL




Lord Keswik





Poison Clan - Guild Hall 17

GH 18 under construction, starting GH 19 on March 4th, 2017


Barracks Rank 8, Stable Rank 8, Explorer's Guild Rank 8, Temple Rank 8

Donations Required: N/A

Minimum Item Level: 2500

Recruiter Gamertags:


Dread Venomous

Savage Embrace - Guild Hall 12

Looking for mature guild members, no crazy kids. No entry fee.


Barracks, Rank 6, Stable Rank 5

Donations Required: Weekly donation targets, 400 Influence per day of play.

No minimum item level or character level required.

Recruiter Gamertags:



JOOG pixalated



Poison Clan is Recruiting!

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Revision: 6/26/2018

Hello, Neverwinter!

Poison Clan is looking for new players to join our close knit family of champions!

We require no entry fee and no donations. Our minimum item level is 11k without guild boons (no cheating lol)

What we expect from new players is that they join in to the community and become one of our friends.

This guild is made of people who are laid back, relaxed, and enjoy helping each other.

Must be an active player, update member comments when playing - Roster examined regularly, players with comments older than 2 weeks are removed.

Our one rule is "don't be a dick."

GH 20, Barracks, Stable, Explorer's Guild and Temple boons. We're in the process of building PvP structures up now and have the Siege Smithy at rank 6.

We are the helm of an alliance of other guilds that share our values - no groups formed in alliance chat by item level, cooperative play, and laid back friendly socialization.

Recruiter's Gamer Tag:

Dread Venomous