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What new players need to know:

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First, turn on your guild boons!

Go to the Character menu
Select Boons
Select Guild
Under Defense, select the Defense boon. (currently 3200)
Under Utility, select the XP boon (currently 12% bonus)
Under Offense, you have a choice between Power and Armor Pen (both currently at 2,000)

Second, type TWICE in guild chat!

Guild chat has a bug. If you type your message once, some players will not see it. Type out your message, send it, then press the UP button on your controller's DPAD to send it a second time. That way, everyone will get to see what you're saying and you won't feel ignored.

Third, don't limit your guild experience to XBOX!

    We have a Slack channel - it is an app for your phone, tablet, or computer. Players use it all day long while they're at work or otherwise offline, but they can still answer questions for you and give great advice. You can also reach out to players for help in-game if they're set to invisible in the game or if they're not online but coud log in. Nothing will help you more in this Guild than using Slack and that is no joke!

    We also have a Facebook Group, as well as this CMS, to help you. Wormwood has a Youtube channel dedicated to videos that teach you about the game. We've even got a forum (forum.poisonclan.org) with articles on Potions, Builds, and much more. You've got a lot of options for connecting with (and learning from) your guild mates!

Fourth, if you need help, ask for it!

We don't know unless you tell us. At the same time, ther'es no need to SPAM or harass other players. Offer to team up with other players to do dailies in any zone you enter - it will help you AND them. If you need help with a boss fight or something difficult, odds are a shout out to the guild will get you help fast. Don't forget to use Slack, Facebook, or our other resources!

Fifth and finally, don't be a dick. That's our one rule, please don't break it.


Our friend Wormwood has been working on a series of videos to teach you many different facets of the game, including leveling, builds, making AD, Dragonflight and more.

Take some time to watch the videos. There's something for everyone. I've been playing for more than a year and still have picked up good pointers from him!


Facebook Group and Slack Channel

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Poison Clan's official Slack channel is an app you use on your phone, tablet, or computer.

It has live, real time group conversations and private messages. Players talk to each other there whether they're on XBOX at the time or not - meaning you can get help on a lot of different subjects just by logging on and asking.

To get an invitation, send your email address to Doug in game or via real life email (using D at DSR7 dot com)

Poison Clan has an official Facebook page, available here:


To join, you'll need to message an admin with the name on your FB account, your GT, and the name of your main character in the guild.

Admins are Jazzy, Kaelb, Jish, and Vadina.

The Guild's Rule - Don't Be A Dick

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Good morning, Poison Clan!

The only rule for the guild is Don't Be A Dick.

That means treat other players in the game like you're a decent human being and treat your guildmates like family.

There will eb disagreements, but we'll work those out.

What we can't work out, though, is a player acting like a dick and we'll move quickly to correct the problem.

Some classic dick moves:

 *Kill stealing/objective stealing - especially bad in Sharandar and IWD, but not cool anywhere.

 *Vote kicking - sometimes it can't be helped, like when a player is camping or disconnected, otherwise, it is just a dick move.

 *Using exploits

 *Stealing from other players (during trades, not returning borrowed items, other bullshit).

You get the idea. If these are your tactics, you'll be happier somewhere else and should look for a guild where you fit in.