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Make The Most of 2x AD

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Making the Most of 2x AD

The basic strategies for 2x AD:

I. Save all of your salvage before the event:

A. Fill every bag and bank slot on each of your characters
B. Fill your shared bank slots
C. Fill your mailbox
D. If your VIP rank is high enough to avoid posting auction house fees, post any unbound salvagable equipment for sale at a price 100% higher than what you'll get for refining it at 2x AD.

II. Buy as much Zen (on the ADX) as possible during the weeks leading up to 2x AD but stop a couple of days before when prices rise.

III. If you buy Zen for real money, save it to convert to AD during the event and then buy i tbakc later when the cost of Zen goes back down - you get more for your money, at the expense of waiting a little while for the Zen Market purchase.

IV. Don't run your weeklies until the event starts (on the week of the event)

V. Divide your salvage equally among all of your characters - there is a 36,000 AD per day limit on refining, so the more equally you spread the salvage, the quicker you will get it all refined

VI. Do AD generating activities on ALL of your characters ahead of dailies on ANY of your characters:

A. On each character, run The Cloak Tower twice (turn in seals of Adventure for the AD reward when possible)
B. On each character, run 2 skirmishes
C. On each character level 20 or higher, run 2 PvP matches (you get AD even if you lose)
D. On each character level 70 or higher, run your Maze Engine daily
E. Run skirmishes and dungeons that drop salvage on your best character (speed purposes)
    1. Throne - second fastest run, 1 drop guaranteed, a second drop with a key, could drop +4 or +5 ring(s), AD, Seal of the Elements, Underdark currency
    2. eDemo - third fastest run, 1 drop possible from completion (based on achievement level), a second drop guaranteed with a key, could drop +4 or +5 ring(s), Underdark currency, Protector seals
    3. Shores - fastest run, 1 drop guaranteed, 2nd drop with key, elemental seals - 1st run gives cache of elements
    4. eTos - fastest T2, drops elemental seals and seals of protector, 1 drop guaranteed with key, 3 more drops possible - 1st daily run gives cache of protector

VII. Sell your Zen on Friday, MAYBE on Saturday. Zen may go higher as the weekend goes on, but it might also retract once the demand is met. Don't lose profit by chasing a higher profit!

VIII. Don't buy Zen through the ADX until prices normalize after 2x AD is over - it will slowly come down as players rush to spend their AD.