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Dragonflight for players:

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1) Watch the % - when you early kill, you are wasting someone's money - they buy those bells. Watch the percent. DO NOT EARLY KILL - you're cheating your guild when you do it and there's no justification for being careless about it.

2) If you die, don't ping for help. If there is a Healadin who can revive you, great, but anybody foolish enough to bend over and pick you up, instead of fighting the dragon, is going to get wiped - so that's TWO players who can't fight the dragon. Release and go to the campfire, then get back in the fight.

3) Unless the player running the DF arranges for you to stay behind to kill a dragon, don't stay behind to help kill the dragon. Go to the next one with everybody else. If the player assigned to kill has trouble, the player organizing the dragonflight will get them some help - do not decide to do it on your own!

4) Unless the player running the DF asks you to fight empowers, fight the dragon. The organizer should pick who fights the empowers. This is a team sport - the scoreboard doesn't give you anything extra, but focusing on it instead of cooperating with the team will cost your guild, Don't be a dick.

5) If you are playing a support class (except for a Conq GF), do not fight empowers unless the organizer doesn't have ANYBODY else and asks you to. That is especially true for a DC - if you're not buffing and debuffing at the dragon, you're costing the team DPS - you can contribute 10 times as much by buffing the other players than by trying to fight empowers.

6) If your guild is "jumping," that means that they will do one dragonflight in the current stronghold and then change to another stronghold for the next. You switch back and forth between strongholds to speed it up. AFTER a dragonflight finishes, you have to wait for the wizard to show up again before you can start the next one. if you jump to another stronghold, he is already there. When jumping, if you have VIP signpost, ask if anybody in your group needs to use it and let them go first (it vanishes when you use it), then you go last. If you don't have VIP signpost, ask if anybody in your group does and go with them, or else get back to the travel point as quick as you can!

7) Use your buffs - Use scrolls and potions of dragon slaying, use regular potions and food buffs. Use overload enchants for killing dragons. You can go to the Poison Clan stronghold to get the mark 2 overloads. These will make you much more effective without doing any extra work! use the

8) Don't camp out. A stronghold instance can hold 40 players. If you are sitting around at the cmapfire instead of fighting a dragon, you're cheating the guilds running the DF. Don't be a dick.

Dragonflight for guild leaders:

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These are some GUIDELINES and SUGGESTIONS to help you succeed with Dragonflight. I'm not your boss, these aren't orders.

What I actually AM, though is the day 1 guild leader of Poison Clan, who guided the guild from rank 1 through rank 20 without EVER requiring a single donation. no influence, no AD, no shards, no nothing. Players were never required to attend DF. They came because they cared about each other and wanted the guild to grow. I know the struggles you are going through - I went through them, too.

At one point, after a total roster rebuild, I took all new players, put them through "red dragon boot camp" to teach them how to do it... and they got it. And they grew stronger and stronger. A few higher geared players joined in and took us to the next level. Then Alliances came out and we were able to team up with more players. Then we were strong enough to do it all by ourselves.

Here are the things that worked for us...

One note - I can't tell you enough how much "jumping," see below, helped us - when running DF at full strength, we were able to get in 10 or 11 bells in two strongholds, in just a few minutes more than it took us to do 5 bells in our stronghold, waiting for the Wizard.

1) If you can't solo 4 dragons, team up with another guild. Split up the dragons however you like, but agree before you're supposed to ring the bell.

2) When it is time to ring the bell, ring it. Even if you don't get 4 kills on the first bell, players will straggle in. The quicker you are in firing off bells, the better your results will be - players get excited when it is fast paced and you get a lot of work in - that is why jumping between strongholds works so well - you don't wait 5-15 minutes for the wizard to pop back up. It used to be that the wizard would show up 10 minutes after the last bell was rung, but in the last couple of builds, I've seen it take over 10 minutes from the last dragon killed - that is too long for players to wait around when dungeons are calling them.

3) Repeating for emphasis - don't make players wait - fast, well run DF breeds success. Even if you have an early kill, can't quite kill all 4, or just are regularly getting 3 - keep it fast, keep positive in chat, and the players will improve.

4) Make sure you've got players filling your roles - two anchors to kill dragons, players to kill empowers (might be anchors on your first two, up to you)

5) don't ignore the synergy between well built groups when dividing up your players. A lot of guilds insist on sending melee to red/blue and ranged to green/black. A party of 4 dps with one tac GF or a power share OP is worth 10 players split between melee and ranged. Clerics don't have to be in a party to buff multiple groups. Have one or two strong clerics at each "army" as a minimum.

6) Use a keyboard in chat to help direct your players. You are the conductor, not the orchestra. let them make the music. When a dragon gets to 20% (or 30% if you have strong dps killing the lizards), start typing the message to go to the next dragon. Watch both "armies," but try to have another officer leading the other side of the fight who also has a keyboard. REMEMBER - type twice in guild and alliance chat. Also, don't feel bad about using Alliance chat too coordinate your dragonflight - Alliance chat is for alliance business and dragonflight is your alliance business. Anybody who complains to you can see me about it and I will set them straight.

7) Send your strongest "army" to Green or Black, then switch to the other of those two. Send your weaker players to Red/Blue starting at Red. When the stronger "army" is finished, they can race to Blue. Blue is a "revolving door of death," so even if you end up with more than 20 players there, Blue will cut the numbers down. You can also have ranged players outside of the circle, killing empowers - this makes it easier to stay under 20 and keeps the dragon from getting buffs!

8) If you don't have quite enough players to split into two groups, then start at green, leave an anchor at 3-5%, run to black, leaven an anchor at 3-5%, run to red, repeat, and kill at blue. Maybe you have enough for 2, or 3, maybe all 4, but give it a try and see what you can do.

9) If your anchor can't quite handle whittling down the dragon, have a second player hang back long enough to get to 1%, 0% if they're really good, and then join the next group. Another strategy is to leave two players there.

10) Never leave a 15k or higher character as an anchor if you can help it. 12-13k should be able to handle it - it is better to leave two 12k toons than a 15k who can be beating up the next dragon.

11) Don't waste time ringing the next bell. If you're jumping, get to the next stronghold and ring it. Players will LEARN to go faster and get there on time. They have 60 seconds anyway. Always announce in ALLIANCE chat what the stronghold you are jumping to is - then jump and ring the bell.

12) Reach out to Poison clan officers - they are all on Slack. Many of them have run hundreds of dragonflight events. they have very strong characters, they have experience, and they are friendly, good people who are with us because they want you to succeed. Any of them could go to a huge alliance of 20s but playing with you is more fun. Give them a chance to help you!

I can't emphasize these points enough:

A - Fast pace - keeps players occupied. Slow pace leads to players leaving for something more interesting. They care, they want their guild to succeed, but you have to respect their time. It is a game, after all.

B - Organize - the more organized you are before you ring the first bell, the better your results will be. Make sure you announce your anchors and empower killers in Alliance chat. If players know who is supposed to do what, they won't do as much freelancing. If they DO freelance, make sure your anchors know to tell you so you can message that player or call out for one of their officers to help you (if they aren't in your guild). No guild leader in this alliance wants their players to hinder you, or to have other players hindering them.

C- Don't be afraid to team up - other guild leaders have the exact same struggles you do and there is strength in numbers. We're all friends with the same goals - to get our guilds stronger! The alliance is about helping each other! Don't forget to reach out to Poison Clan officers - these players are lizard killers and know all the tricks!


D - If you have lower item level players at green, PLEASE send them to RED instead of Black. In fact, if you have a strong team, let them start at black while the lower geared players hit green or red. Every time a player is killed at Black, a soul puppet is raised and this is a NIGHTMARE when low item level players swarm it. The high level players can catch up at red or move on to blue as needed after killing black. Don't set yourself up for trouble you can avoid :)

alliance guidelines

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These are suggested ways to minimize conflict and tension between guilds and players.

For Players:

1) Always type TWICE in guild and Alliance chat.

There is a bug in chat that has been around since day 1 that prevents some players from seeing your message (sometimes) while others are able to see it. If you send it, then immediately press the up arrow on your DPAD and send again, you will almost always be seen at least once. If a message happens to come in between your first and second, try sending a third time.

If you don't send twice, sooner or later, somebody is going to miss seeing a message form you and somebody is going to have hurt feelings. A little courtesy and a couple of extra taps on your controller will avoid problems in ways you will not often appreciate. This is something that officers and guild leaders should make a point of emphasizing to their players!

2) When you're recruiting a group in Alliance chat, it is first come first serve.

As long you have room in your group for that class and the character's item level is high enough to get in the door, they're entitled to the spot - all alliance players are equal.

3) Don't ask for item level. Don't ask for "high dps" or "super tank" or "Godly DC" or "melt group."

Alliance chat is for Alliance players. If you want speed runs or melt groups, that's awesome - go to Protector's Enclave, SOMI, River District or where ever you like and use Looking For Group or Zone chat to build your group. The Alliance is about building each other up.

Whatever the popular slang is to keep the "scrubs" out of a group, don't use it.

4) Don't boot players from a group, don't vote kick - only applies to players in our Alliance.

There is absolutely no good reason to get in the habit of vote kicking. If a player's behavior is so rude, so vile, so intolerable that you want to vote kick, leave group and reform.

If you try a boss fight or a difficult spot in combat a couple of times, don't look for players to kick. Say "hey, let's give this one more try, then I need to go somewhere else."

I know it is 45 seconds faster to kick and replace, but it isn't worth the cost in camaraderie. No speed run is worth the knowledge that all the players in your guild and your alliance have the same courtesy and respect for you that you have for them.

If you're not having any success, get an officer or a group recruiter to help you put together a group. Odds are, they know tanks and DCs who are more than happy to hop in and help newer players out.

There are too many possible reasons why a PUG player might cause a problem, so if you need to kick them, kick them, but try to be polite first and ask them to be cooperative - it will help our reputation in the community.

5) If nobody is recruiting a group for what you want to run, try to start your own.

Instead of hopping into chat and saying "CW looking for MSVA" (or what ever it is you want to run), try to grab a couple of your friends and start a group, then ask for what you need.

Odds are, there's no mysterious group waiting in the shadows for you to hop on and announce you're looking to fill the last spot in their group. Instead, they're already running. Put your group together. If you're not good at that, look for an officer or a recruiter to help you out!

6) Help your tanks and clerics do their dailies.

Every Monday, I love to watch my weekly show - groups of 6 or 7 DPS sitting around, waiting for tanks and clerics to magically fill their groups so they can run their weekly MSVA. You see them, too.

I've got a guardian fighter, a tank paladin, and an AC DC. Doing the dailies to unlock FBI and SVA are not fun. Running dailies in IWD and Dwarven Valley are not fun. They are hard, drudging, and very time consuming on support. DPS players who help support players do dailies don't sit around in groups on Monday, waiting for the magical players to appear. They already have friends who will give them a hand with anything because they know the DPS players have their backs.

Attitude is everything.

7) Talk to other players about builds and EXPERIMENT.

Don't assume that the 1 star MMOMinds build you're running is the bomb. Your home made build probably isn't, either, though props for trying - hit the target dummies and check your combat logs! But also, talk to experienced players and listen.

I promise you, they're not going to take the time to type a novel for you, just to lead you down the wrong path. Get lots of opinions, there's more than one way to skin a cat :)

8) If you have a conflict with another player:

Be the better person - don't argue if you can help it.
Try to explain that something upsets you
Block them if they don't get the message
Take screen shots of abusive situations in chat - this lets officers and guild leaders see what's happened and help resolve your issue

9) Use the available tools to connect with other players!

Use Alliance chat - if you can get an inexpensive USB keyboard to plug into your XBOX, then guild and alliance chat will become MUCH easier.

Use Slack - ask your guild leader for an invite (you will need to provide a valid email). Officers and guild leaders for across the Alliance will be there, along with many of the most experienced and strongest players. It is a priceless tool for sharing knowledge, meeting others, and arranging for dungeons and other content!

Have fun on the Facebook page - even if you can't use Slack or get on XBOX for part of the day, you can connect to players in your Alliance there. The more you connect with other players, the farther you will go and the better your game experience will be.

10) No exploits in alliance chat

If you need to run them, that's your business, but we want to avoid getting our members banned. You never know when a moderator or game admin is in a party chat or has a character in a guild.

Also, you should never discriminate against a player who refuses to exploit or try to force the player to do so.

For Guild Leaders and Officers:

These bits of advice are drawn from direct experience as a rank 6 in Guardians of the Whispering Eye and for getting close to two years as founder and leader of Poison Clan. I hope they are useful to you!

1) The Naughty Step

I strongly recommend that you set up the first rank in your guild so that it has no chat rights. When a new player comes in the guild, promote them to rank 2. This lets you use rank 1 as a "cool down," where a player who is angry can calm down.

Before I added this in Poison Clan, I had a few instances where players blew up and lost it as their issue (and their anger) intensified. In every case, I lost the player, as they either quit or I had to remove them for their conduct.

Since then, I learned a lot about recruiting and take more time up front, but I also have "The Naughty Step," where an officer can quickly demote a player, keep them from blowing up in chat, and then I can talk to the player before things escalate too far. We've only needed to use it once (again, better recruiting), but it saved the player.

At the end of the day, having happy players is what makes your guild a success.

2) Take an extra few minutes now to avoid problems later

When you're recruiting players, take the time to chat with them, by text or voice, to let them know what your guild is about and what your expectations are. Let them know what the culture is about - it is a lot easier for a player to adjust when they know what to expect on the way in. When they don't get an "orientation," they will eventually get embarrassed over something that is common in other guilds and Alliances but not friendly here.

3) Watch chat to avoid issues

People are going to have friction sometimes. Just because two people are arguing, it doesn't mean that one of them is right and one is wrong. Both can be wrong, both can be right. What matters isn't who wins a confrontation, what matters is which players are happily adjusted and get along after a disagreement.

If an argument breaks out between two players in your guild, shut them down. If it is your player and another guild's player, try to get your player out of the argument and contact an officer form the other guild. Slack will be a huge help for that, getting in touch with officers or leaders who may not be online but can be shortly.

4) Be prepared in advance - we're going to have conflicts

Some players are hot headed. They either work it out and become part of our community or else they go along to a group more suited to them - by choice or with a little help.

When you have to remove a player, it is not a failure on your part. You've got to do what is best for most of your players and letting someone ruin the bonds you have fostered is never in the best interest of your guild.

5) Schedule Events

See the Resources section regarding the calendar.

If we use a joint calendar and the guild leaders take the time to check it, we'll never step on each other's events. As the Helm, Poison Clan will mostly run content events - like eDemo, FBI, SVA, Gambit, and so on. We will occasionally do others, like an Alliance-wide DF or whatever.

Individual guilds should talk about when they want to do an event and work out a time. Nobody "owns" a time slot - if more than one guild wants to use it, we can take turns. We're a family.

When a scheduling issue comes up, the answer will always be "take turns," though we can hopefully work out long term regular scheduling events that we don't have to argue over. Players thrive when they can plan their game time around events that help them progress! Guilds do, too.

We should have multiple guilds offering to run T3s at different parts of the day, running DF on different days, whatever.

6) Encourage players to talk in Alliance chat and Slack

The difference for players who use Slack and who are talkative in Alliance chat is amazing. There is no comparison between the two in game experiences because it builds a real sense of community. Poison Clan players will try to keep alliance chat busy, but it will take an effort from everyone to really make it last.

7) Recruiters

There are two kinds of recruiting - guild member recuriting, done by guild leaders and/or officers. Then their is the player who recruits groups to run content. You need to identify these players and encourage them because they make or break the experience of new or shy players. Your content recruiters are your best friends. If they've got the temperament for it, I suggest making them officers.


We'll set up an Alliance Facebook page and give all guild leaders the ability to invite their players to our Slack channel. We'll even dedicate private sub channels for individual guilds. Communication is what makes a guild or an Alliance work and is what forges strong relationships between gamers. We're a transient community, so the more we do to bring long term players together, the better.

I'll share build sheets with everyone. They're fairly simple - you put in positive numbers in the coffer row (the values from your coffer) and negative values for each resource type for the structures you have in your current target list. This gives you the means to plan ahead several stages and make smart decisions on which structures you build in which order. Even with our amazing players, we couldn't have gotten to 20 without requirements if we hadn't planned ahead using our build sheet!

I'll provide everyone with access to a shared Google calendar - which, by coincidence, imports events right into Slack - weekly and daily summaries of upcoming events, with a notification 15 minutes before an event starts.

The Nation alliance is made up of 13 unique, friendly guilds, working together to grow, complete content, and progress in the game.

Several of our member guilds have roster spots available. As each guild has different requirements and a different purpose, there's a good chance that one of them is a good home for you!

If you need strong players to run with, helping completing campaigns and gearing, or just help getting achievements, you should look at our guilds!

White Lotus - Guild Hall 20

Available Roster Spots: 10

Boons: -Barracks Rank 10 -Stable rank 10 -Temple Rank 10 -Wizard's Workshop Rank 10 -Siege Smithy Rank 9

Donation Reqs: 1600 influence per week & running stronghold quests for shards

No buy ins.

Must be working towards FBI.

Minimum Item Lvl:3k

Recruiter Gamertags:





@ l Alive l

Dragon Age - Guild Hall: 15

Niche guild of US & UK players who know their classes, combining excellence in gameplay with a warm, friendly feel. Strong, very active alliance. Relaxed atmosphere & no elite guild pressure or buy-ins.

Stronghold Boons: Stable, Barracks, Temple

Minimum Requirements: 18+, a mic, one level 70 character at 2.2K Item Level, Daily Influence, join guild facebook page.

Recruiter Gamertags:

Moira Cousland

Kill La KiLLL




Lord Keswik





Poison Clan - Guild Hall 17

GH 18 under construction, starting GH 19 on March 4th, 2017


Barracks Rank 8, Stable Rank 8, Explorer's Guild Rank 8, Temple Rank 8

Donations Required: N/A

Minimum Item Level: 2500

Recruiter Gamertags:


Dread Venomous

Savage Embrace - Guild Hall 12

Looking for mature guild members, no crazy kids. No entry fee.


Barracks, Rank 6, Stable Rank 5

Donations Required: Weekly donation targets, 400 Influence per day of play.

No minimum item level or character level required.

Recruiter Gamertags:



JOOG pixalated




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Hello, Neverwinter!

My name is Doug and I'm the guild leader of Poison Clan.

I've put together the basic guidelines of how I run Dragonflight events.

Dragonflight is a critical team sport that depends on players working cooperatively to succeed. Dragonflight is critical for players to get good armor and is critical for guilds to get the resources needed for their stronghold. If you're not interested in working with the guild hosting, then please leave the instance and let a player who WILL cooperate with the team have that spot! When PC hosts DF, we ask that you donate any vouchers/resources that you pick up (assuming your guild leader has not locked out that resource for outgoing donations). We do NOT ask that you unlock strongboxes before donating, as we do not expect you to pay for a key. If you want to do so, anyway, we greatly appreciate it.

Points to remember:

Poison Clan players do Red/Blue, alliance players Green/Black.

Leave the first dragon at 10% and go to the second.

If the player organizing DF doesn't ask you to close out a dragon, go to the next one, don't stay behind at the first dragon.

The closer will usually handle the empowers - we need for you to focus on fighting the dragons.

When you are killed, release and go back to the campfire, as nobody will stop fighting to pick you up.

Do not kill any dragons until ALL dragons are below 10% OR the organizer calls KILL KILL KILL in Zone and/or Alliance chat.

Don't use Zone chat or Alliance if you need something or want to group up, just use "Say" when you get to your dragon.

Watch for messages in Zone and/or Alliance from the organizer or your officers.

Don't camp out at the camp fire - if you're not participating, let a player come in who will join in.

Here's a map of the Stronghold showing the dragon locations, in case you're new to the event.

Poison Clan is Recruiting!

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Revision: 6/26/2018

Hello, Neverwinter!

Poison Clan is looking for new players to join our close knit family of champions!

We require no entry fee and no donations. Our minimum item level is 11k without guild boons (no cheating lol)

What we expect from new players is that they join in to the community and become one of our friends.

This guild is made of people who are laid back, relaxed, and enjoy helping each other.

Must be an active player, update member comments when playing - Roster examined regularly, players with comments older than 2 weeks are removed.

Our one rule is "don't be a dick."

GH 20, Barracks, Stable, Explorer's Guild and Temple boons. We're in the process of building PvP structures up now and have the Siege Smithy at rank 6.

We are the helm of an alliance of other guilds that share our values - no groups formed in alliance chat by item level, cooperative play, and laid back friendly socialization.

Recruiter's Gamer Tag:

Dread Venomous


Getting Geared Up

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Good morning, Poison Clan!

If you're reading this, it means you are a member of Poison Clan and are working on getting geared up and getting stronger, so that you can accomplish more in the game. You may have already seen the difficulty that players have getting into Alliance groups to run advanced content - most players announcing are looking for characters with 3k item level and there's never enough room for DPS, it seems.

Our guild can put together strong groups that allow lower geared players to complete T2s, skirmishes, and eDemo to help you get seals, twisted, and good drops, which will help you along the way. You'll need to keep in mind, though, that Alliance groups are less tolerant of this and are often very strong players who are looking for players who can keep up on speed runs.

You also should keep in mind that there are only so many runs a day that guild members can take players through in order to help them gear, as they're sacrificing their own progression to help you. Almost all of our officers are willing to throw together a group to help you, but don't assume that they'll stop playing to cart you around. You need to connect with other players, hopefully form a group of your own, and, when you need help from players outside your group, be respectful of their time. At all times, you should focus on becoming stronger and more capable of handling content instead of looking for someone to carry you.

This write up is intended to help players who are working to get to item level 2500, which is when the epic Demogorgon raid is unlocked - but also intended to help you become strong enough to effectively contribute to a group working to complete difficult content, like a T2 or eDemo. As you grow stronger, you'll be able to handle harder and harder content, eventually moving from guild-only groups to the outside world.

The good news is that these principles apply whether your item level 1400 or item level 2485 - the only difference is the starting point and how long you need to get there!

Also, this will serve to take you beyond 2500, and to get you started on points that will not affect your item level but will make you stronger, just the same.

Remember that all of this is advice, not hard and fast rules, but if you're struggling, follow the advice, get stronger, and have more fun.

Here are the basic steps:

  1. Make connections
  2. Map your build and boons
  3. Earn AD
  4. Road map to Rank 9 enchants
  5. Armor
  6. Upgrade artifacts & artifact equipment to uncommon to epic to legendary
  7. Select companions and start upgrading
  8. Progress through content

So, here are the details:

1. Make connections

Stop running Pick Up Groups (PUGs) and make connections in the guild. If there aren't enough players on during the hours you play, let officers know your time zone and schedule so that they can let recruiters know to focus on when you play. Solo players don't progress well enough in this game - to really succeed, you need a regular group of partners that you gel with. It takes time to build that up and the best place to find them is in your guild roster.

We have an official facebook page and we have forums, but the best advice I can give you is.... get on SLACK. Slack is our mobile app (also runs on your computer) and it offers huge advantages to players who use it. You've got access to other players for virtually the entire day, allowing you to ask questions and learn, to find out about upcoming guild events, and to partner up to complete content.

2. Map Your build and boons

The very best advice that I can give you is to run a solid, survivable build until you hit item level 2500 or higher and you have 90% of your boons finished.

If you don't have a good reference for a build, go to www.mmominds.com and read the most recent builds for your class. Some builds, like DC, are fairly durable no matter what build you choose (as of Mod 9/Mod 10, your greatest utility will come from running a Buff or Buff/Debuff build). For OP and GF, run tank builds to increase your survivability. For DPS, there is typically 1 path that has been proven to be the most effective path for your class - until you're well geared and have most of your boons, you should run that. Then, when you're more survivable, try out other builds that may interest you.

The most important key to remember about your character is that nobody has any right to tell you how to build it - that's your character, it is your choice what to do with it. By the same token, nobody has to run with you, either. If your build is flawed, but you're willing to respec or to adjust your equipment, to become more able to contribute to a group, you'll find your guild mates and other alliance members are more tolerant of helping you get stronger.

3. Earn AD

Until you have reliable sources of AD, you should run 2 "baby" dungeons (like cloak tower), 2 skirmishes, and 2 pvp domination matches every day. Do Maze Engine dailies every day. Do your "weekly" tasks in each campaign zone. Invoke every chance you get - in Mod 9, you will be granted AD directly. In Mod 10, it instead gives you "bonus" AD that will increase the amount of AD you earn from doing those tasks. The "baby" dungeons grant seals of adventure - every time you accumulate 500, cash it in for a bag of rough astral diamonds.

Astral Diamonds are the primary currency in this game and you can't progress without regularly earning it.

4. Roadmap to Rank 9 enchants

To start with, you should equip rank 7 enchants in every slot - the exception being if you equip Lesser Dragon's Hoard Enchantments in utility slots, since they're rank 8. Rank 7 enchants are available for 6 trade bars, which means they're very cheap on the auction house.

HOWEVER, your goal should be a minimum of rank 9 on yoru enchants, so for EACH enchantment slot, you will need to eventually compile:

24 rank 7 enchants of the type you plan to use
3 Greater Marks of Potency
A minimum of 15 preservation wards, and possibly more (there will be three total refinement events)

Note: 20 of the 24 rank 7 enchantments are "refinement" points - refining a same type enchantment is worth twice the value of a differing type - you can substitute 172,800 worth of RP (refinement points) for those 20 rank 7 enchants. Another 2 are "reagents" to get the rank 7s to rank 8.

Refine 4 rank 7 enchants (each) into 2 rank 7 enchants. Using preservation wards, a greater mark of potency, and an additional rank 7 enchant, upgrade the two refined rank 7s to rank 8.

Refine the remaining 12 rank 7 enchants into one of the two rank 8 enchantments. Refine the enchant using 2 greater marks of potency, preservation wards, and the other rank 8 enchant.

You're not going to instantly have the funds to raise your enchants to rank 9, so don't take this to mean you have ot try. Instead, get a complete set of rank 7 enchants to put into your gear ASAP and then collect the preservationw ards, greater marks of power, and additional rank 7 enchants that you will need to upgrade.

If possible, wait for a 2x RP event to do this - it will take HALF of the RP to do the job (16 instead of 24).

5. Armor

If you've got the resources to buy dusk armor (tradebars or pieces sold on AH), do it. It is a solid set and good enough to get you started on going for your Dragonflight gear. If you don't have the resources, grind out Shores of Tuern and Lair of Lostmauth to get elemental seals and (occasionally) drops you can equip.

I'd completely skip elven armor - you're in a guild that is a member of the strongest alliance in the game. You've got access to dragonflight runs multiple times a day, which lets you get the fangs you need, plus earn guild marks. Dragonflight armor requires Dragonfangs, guildmarks, and seals of the protector - and if you buy elven gear, it is taking away seals of the protector you could be using for your dragonflight.

Whenever Dusk gear is available (and is an upgrade over what you have), grab it, otherwise, just focus on getting a decent base set of elemental armor and grind out your dragonflight.

6. Upgrade artifacts & artifact equipment

You get your first artifact main hand from the last mission in Spinward Rise and you get your off hand from Protector's Enclave when you hit 70. They come "green," or "uncommon" quality and need to upgrade at least to blue, "rare," quality to become useful - you can't equip a weapon enchant until blue, for example, or unlock powers.

HOWEVER - this is not the weapon set you're most likely to run with in the long term.

If you're running an AP-build gain, you will most likely want the burning set from the Fiery Pit. That's a hard grind, as you'll need to get 100 motes from heroic encounters, requiring you to buy a booster from the tradbar merchant or auction house.

If you're running almost any other build, the Twisted set will be your best choice. You will need to accumulate demonic ichor (occasionally from heroics in IWD, Well of Dragons, or Dread Ring, always from Throne of the Dwarven Gods or Prophecy of Madness skirmish, Demogorgon, epic Demogrogon). You will also need 20 twisted ichor - which comes from silver or gold epic demogorgon runs - silver gives 1 ichor, gold gives 2 - and both require unlocking the chest at the end. This can go quickly, depending on getting in with a good group and buying keys, or it can take a long time to grind out.

Once you get your "long term" weapon, you can feed your elemental set into the new set - and you will get roughly 85% of the RP value you've put in so far. The less you've put into the old weapon, the less you will lose.

Another HOWEVER - by upgrading your first weapon set to purple (epic), you become stronger, with better bonuses, and will complete content more easily.

You've got to determine if your grind is going to be fast or slow and decide how much to refine based on that. If you're not going to put a lot of money into the game, do yourself a favor and upgrade your elemental weapon set to epic.

Get your artifacts (the four you equip to your "belt") to rare, at the very least. If you don't have 2x RP in the near future, upgrade them to epic. When upgrading during 2x RP, keep in mind that upgrading 1 artifact to mythic provides bigger boost sthan upgrading 2 artifacts to legendary. Read up on feeder artifacts, will make a huge difference in how quickly you get to mythic.

Artifact equipment - main hand, off hand, neck/waist - I'd do them in that order, but it doesn't really matter.

Whichever course you pursue first, all your artifacts and artifact equipment need upgrades and the higher you take them, the more powerful you become.

7. Select companions and start upgrading

You've got 5 slots for "active" companions, one of whom can be summoned. Don't bother putting runestones or equipment on companions you will not have summoned. Upgrade those four "active" companions to epic (as you can afford it or you get tokens from lockboxes) but make your "summoned" companion your focus.

While you're gearing up, i suggest you get the cheapest "augment" companion available, like the goat. It passes all of its stats over to you automatically. Don't put bonding runestones on it, unless you're looking to add power or defense stats - you won't get extra passed to you, you just get whatever the augment's stats are when it is summoned.

If you can afford it, put personalized rings/belts/necklaces on the augment, to get the benefit of an extra enchatment slot - you'll need jewelcrafting at 25 for that. If you get a +4 or +5 ring from a skirmish or CN, that can be equipped to your companion, though the "utility" rings don't provide any benefits, aside from the enchantment slots.

After you've got the AD to properly kit out a companion, determine if you need a tank or a striker and pick whatever works best for you - put bonding runestones on it (the highest rank you can afford to start with) and the best ring/neck/waist/whatever you can obtain. The bonding runestones will pass the companions powers over to you and, if you upgrade it to legendary, it will also pass along 15% of its stats, in addition to the bonus from the bondings.

8. Progress through content

Get your boons.

Get every boon you can. Re-read your build write up periodically to see if it has been updated for new boons that come out, but, if you know what your focus is, it should be easy to fgure out.

A character at item level X - who has a majority of boons completed - is substantially stronger than a character without boons at the same or higher item level.

Good luck!

Neverwinter Acronyms

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AD - Astral Diamonds

ADX - Astral Diamond Exchange

AFK - Away From keyboard (or controller)

AH - Auction House

AoE - Area of Effect

BiS - Best in Slot - meaning the best performing option for an enchant/artifact/other piece of gear/etc

BoA - Binds on Account

BoE - Binds on Equip

BoP - Binds on Pickup

CC - Cragmire Crypts

CN - Castle Never

CTA - Call to Arms - weekend "event" skirmishes

CW - Control Wizard

DC - Devoted Cleric

demo - Normal Demogorgon raid

DF - Dragonflight

DPS - Damage per Second

DR - Dread Ring

eDemo - Epic Demogorgon raid

eTOS - epic temple of the spider (master dungeon, T2)

GF - Guardian Fighter

gg - good game, good going

gj - good job

GWD - Grey Wolf Den

GWF - Great Weapon Fighter

HE - Heroic Encounter

HR - Hunter Ranger

ICD - Internal Cool Down timer

IL - Item Level

ITF - Into The Fray (GF power)

IWD - Icewind Dale

LFG - Looking for Group


KV (Knight's Valor - GF Power)

MD - Mantol Derith

NPC - Non Player Character

NW - Neverwinter

OP - Over-Powered or Oathbound Paladin

PE - Protector's Enclave

PoM - Prohesy of Madness

PVE - player versus environment

PVP - player versus player

PUG - Pick up group (also called randoms)

PWE - Perfect World Entertainment

RAD - Rough Astral Diamonds

RP - Refinement Points

RNG - Random Number Generation/Generator

SH - Stronghold

SW - Scourge Warlock

T1 - Tier 1 (dungeon or heroic - easiest level)

T2 (dungeon or heroic)

T3 (heroic, will have a T3 dungeon in Mod 10)

Throne - Throne of the Dwarven Gods skirmish

ToD - Tyranny of Dragons

TR - Trickster Rouge

WAI - Working as Intended

WoD - Well of Dragons

WTB/WTS/WTT - Want To Buy/Want To Sell/Want To Trade

XP - Experience

ZAX - Astral Diamond Exchange

Zerg - Large group of solo players running heroics as a mob usually in IWD or WoD, but also in Strongholds

Alliance Guilds:

LGPG - Look Good Play Good - the "Helm" guild

NAT - The Nation - our "Sword" guild

SIN - S.I.N. - another sword guild

AB - Alianca Brasil - another sword guild

PC - Poison Clan

MD - Mystic Dawn

FV - Flawless Victory

RoD - Reagents of Death

WL - White Lotus

XCAL - Excalibur

Lgcy - Legacy

Pain - Pain Eternal

Imrtl - Immortal

Make The Most of 2x AD

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Making the Most of 2x AD

The basic strategies for 2x AD:

I. Save all of your salvage before the event:

A. Fill every bag and bank slot on each of your characters
B. Fill your shared bank slots
C. Fill your mailbox
D. If your VIP rank is high enough to avoid posting auction house fees, post any unbound salvagable equipment for sale at a price 100% higher than what you'll get for refining it at 2x AD.

II. Buy as much Zen (on the ADX) as possible during the weeks leading up to 2x AD but stop a couple of days before when prices rise.

III. If you buy Zen for real money, save it to convert to AD during the event and then buy i tbakc later when the cost of Zen goes back down - you get more for your money, at the expense of waiting a little while for the Zen Market purchase.

IV. Don't run your weeklies until the event starts (on the week of the event)

V. Divide your salvage equally among all of your characters - there is a 36,000 AD per day limit on refining, so the more equally you spread the salvage, the quicker you will get it all refined

VI. Do AD generating activities on ALL of your characters ahead of dailies on ANY of your characters:

A. On each character, run The Cloak Tower twice (turn in seals of Adventure for the AD reward when possible)
B. On each character, run 2 skirmishes
C. On each character level 20 or higher, run 2 PvP matches (you get AD even if you lose)
D. On each character level 70 or higher, run your Maze Engine daily
E. Run skirmishes and dungeons that drop salvage on your best character (speed purposes)
    1. Throne - second fastest run, 1 drop guaranteed, a second drop with a key, could drop +4 or +5 ring(s), AD, Seal of the Elements, Underdark currency
    2. eDemo - third fastest run, 1 drop possible from completion (based on achievement level), a second drop guaranteed with a key, could drop +4 or +5 ring(s), Underdark currency, Protector seals
    3. Shores - fastest run, 1 drop guaranteed, 2nd drop with key, elemental seals - 1st run gives cache of elements
    4. eTos - fastest T2, drops elemental seals and seals of protector, 1 drop guaranteed with key, 3 more drops possible - 1st daily run gives cache of protector

VII. Sell your Zen on Friday, MAYBE on Saturday. Zen may go higher as the weekend goes on, but it might also retract once the demand is met. Don't lose profit by chasing a higher profit!

VIII. Don't buy Zen through the ADX until prices normalize after 2x AD is over - it will slowly come down as players rush to spend their AD.

Dragonflight Etiquette

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Dragonflight is the ultimate team sport in Neverwinter. There's no other activity where you can achieve as much for your guild by doing your part and no activity where you can disappoint as many people by freelancing.

Guilds depend on Dragonflight for farming resources. Progression is too expensive, the coffer too hungry, to really get to higher levels without Dragonflight. The best armor in the game requires that you farm Dragonflight to get fangs, to go along with protector Seals and Guild marks - and Dragonflight is a great source of donations to earn guild marks.

Bottom line, it is important to all of the people you play with every day, so I hope to help you avoid problems! Please keep in mind that most of these guidelines are common sense and common courtesy, and if you step outside them, you're pretty much being a dick.

Thanks to the Alliance, we're able to attend Dragonflight with other guilds and enjoy a share of the spoils. In order to help us make sure we never wear out our welcome, I'd like to give you some guidelines on what to do in events in our Stronghold and in Alliance strongholds.

Every two hours, an event called "The Travelling Wizard" runs for a 5 minute window in your stronghold.

The Travelling Wizard is the "free" Dragonflight. Any other time that you want to run Dragonflight, somebody has to contribute bells - these are purchased from the Zen market, at a cost of 500 Zen for 5 bells. That lets you run 5 Dragonflight events. Many guilds time their use of bells to allow them to work in a free one, as well, whenever possible.

When you're in an Alliance guild stronghold, you should NEVER activate the free Dragonflight. Reserve that for the guild hosting the event. Even if that guild is not running a Dragonflight event, just don't do it.

When you're in the Poison Clan stronghold, don't fire off the Travelling Wizard's Dragonflight event unless you've announced it ahead of time and given players a chance to come to the fight. First of all, it takes time to get to the dragons, take potions, and team up into effective groups. Second, starting Dragonflight stops any heroics being run, which could rob your guild mates of valuable loot or influence. So don't be selfish.

Regardless of whether you're in Poison Clan or another guild's stronghold during a Dragonflight, KNOW YOUR ROLE.

I) Switch to ZONE chat when you get to the Alliance stronghold - that is where the event is organized and directed.

II) Follow the instructions of the host guild's organizer. They're spending real life money to run this, to the benefit of everyone.

III) If the organizing player asks you to take a special role, you do it, otherwise fight the dragon - MEANING:

A) Don't fight empowers
B) Don't stay behind to kill dragons
C) If you get killed, release to the campfire and come right back
D) Do not camp out at the campfire. If you aren't fighting, leave that Stronghold so somebody else can be a productive part of the event.

IV) The player organizing the event will tell you what dragon to go to.

A) Group up at the dragon you're supposed to fight. 
B) Red dragon players also fight blue and vice versa.
C) Green dragon players also fight black and vice versa.
D) Some guilds start at black instead of green. Some guilds split players between 
E) You will typically start at one dragon, then go to a second dragon when the first dragon's health is down to 6-10 percent, depending on the guild. 
F) DO NOT FIGHT PAST 10% at the first dragon unless the host guild says 6%. DO NOT KILL unless the organizing player instructs you to.

V) When the Dragonflight is over, donate all vouchers you've earned to the hosting guild - if there isn't room, keep them for Poison Clan. Please thank the hosting guild for allowing us to participate.

ALSO - please refer to this earlier post for more information on the event in general when doing Alliance Dragonflight:

Alliance Dragonflight