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New Influence Contest!

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Hello, Poison Clan!

I'm sad to say we didn't reach our goal of 440,000 Influence with the contest, but we did get over 345,000!

Our prize winners are:

Kikyo - Stack of 99 resonance stones
Soth420 - Epic Rimfire Golem
Kris Deadeye - Tymora's Lucky Coin (substitute prize since the Epic Savage Polar Bear mount was not awarded).

Straylight was the winner of our officer contest.

So we did a lot of Influence, but we've got a couple of things we still need. We need another 95,000 Influence to start GH 15, never mind all the upgrades after it, and we need to find a home for this Savage Polar Bear!

To solve both problems, we're starting a new contest TODAY and it will run until server reset on Sunday, December 4th.

The contest goal is to raise 150,000 Influence.

If we reach that goal, we will raffle off the Epic Savage Polar Bear mount to any gamer tag that qualifies.

To qualify for the raffle, you must submit at least 2800 Influence (400 x 7 days) per GAMER TAG.

Players with multiple characters will have the same chance to win as players with a single character - though the players with more than one character will be able to reach the minimum influence quicker.

Each player that qualifies will get ONE raffle ticket if we meet our Influence goal.

I've already donated 4000 Influence to get us started and will donate more this week, as well.

Today's guild mail will notify you of the contest results from last week, announce the new contest, and explain to everyone why Influence is so important to the guild's success.

Good luck and somebody win this thing, I need the inventory space!

Influence Contest

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Our Tyranny of Dragons Currency Contest has come to a close.

Straylight won the officer prize. For players, first prize (3 rank 8 bonding runestones) goes to Torgan. Second place (rare Rimefire Golem) goes to Kisa, and third place (Frostburn Glove Pack) goes to Little Fox!

Let's hear from Kay:

The Tyranny Contest has been a great success so a big thank you to all of you who took part. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated and shows what we can achieve when we work together as a group. We’ve had a fantastic response over the last nine days and have accumulated over 1.2 million in total for the coffer. Congratulations to the winners, who managed to collect 237,410 between the three of them – well done, you guys are awesome!


Straylight 91,030
Torgan 73,815
Kisa 72,565
Little Fox 68,265
Jish 68,120
Moxxi 65,120
Dreadnought 60,300
Talenwill 57,800
Bama 43,385
Sin 41,730
GreenArrow 31,875
Brigit Ni Riain 26,285
Solstice Of The Void 25,375
Arr-kro 22,915
Kingslayer 22,205
Eddie 22,170
Felozura 17,655
Jocasta 17,515
Kris Deadeye 16,050
Lithreal Voruk 14,335

Kay - we really appreciate the work you put into tracking contests for us. Thank you VERY much!

Our recent contests have been wildly successful and it is great to see the guild come together to work on a goal!

Thanks to a great suggestion from Fertha, we're adding a CONTEST channel to Slack. You'll be able to read a summary of the current contest and click a link to the full post. You'll be able to see who the winners are, as well as see a daily total of "raised so far" to let you know our progress.

That is a big deal, because.....

Today, I'm announcing our most important contest to date... we need 1.25 MILLION Influence to get to GH 16, which includes upgrades to all three of our current boon structures. We need lots of other things - currency, gems, gold, and surplus - but the big hold up is going to be Influence.

I can't stress this enough - there's nothing you can do to help your guild AND YOURSELF more than to run Influence every day. The daily quests that grant it have a low limit per character and the structures that need it always need a lot of it.

So our next contest is going to be for Influence and the prizes are incredible.

The contest will run for 1 week, until Sunday, November 27, ending at 8 am UK time, 3 am New York time, midnight on Saturday Pacific time. Influence you donate on multiple characters counts towards your account total, as with all of our contests. There's a catch, though - actually a few key points.

1) The first place prize will only be awarded IF we reach a minimum of 400,000 Influence from all contributors by the time the contest ends!

2) In order to be eligible, you must donate an average of 500 Influence per day (per account), meaning you will have to run 5 stronghold heroics and at least 2 of the boon structure missions (the missions you pick up at Explorer's Guild, Stable, or Barracks).

3) Vouchers that you farm from DF or Siege count, as well as vouchers from Stronghold Starter packs or the Auction house.

So what prizes are worth those kind of conditions?

Third Place - Epic Rimefire Golem
Second Place - a full stack of Lesser Resonance Stones
First Place - Epic Savage Polar Bear mount

We've got a lot of resources to build up over the next three and a half weeks if we want to start GH 16 on time, so the more guild members who join in, the better we'll do - and Influence is something everybody can contribute for just a few minutes each day!

Good luck and GO KILL SOMETHING!

ToD Donation Contest

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Hello, Poison Clan!

We're at an interesting intersection of need and opportunity when it comes to the guild hall progression.

Today, the Siege of Neverwinter event starts, which drops Tyranny of Dragons currency. Right now, we REALLY need a couple hundred thousand ToD to finish the Mine, so our officers decided to throw a new contest!

The contest starts today and runs until midnight on Friday November 18th, Pacific time (meaning Saturday, November 19th at 8 am UK time or 3 am New York time).

Any Tyranny of Dragons currency counts, which includes:

Fallen Dragon Fang 125 pts
Dragon Hoard Coins 5 pts
Linu's Favor 415 pts
Page of Arcane Lore 95 pts
Cult Secret 90 pts
Dragon Sigil 100 pts
Dragon Gem 250 pts
Dragon Bone 250 pts
Dragon Forged Steel 250 pts
Shard of Dragon Forged Steel 1000 pts
Stolen Tyranny Treasures 25 pts
Minor Treasures of Tyranny Voucher 795 pts
Basic Treasures of Tyranny Voucher 1,590 pts
Major Treasures of Tyranny Voucher 3,695 pts

You can gain Tyranny currency from the Siege of Neverwinter event, the daily Harper missions in Protector's Enclave, the Harper dragons (and their missions) in Neverdeath, Ebon Downs, Icespire Peak, Rothe Valley, and Whispering Caverns, the missions in Well of Dragons, heroic encounters and Dragon heralds in Well of Dragons, and vouchers from all kinds of sources (chests available in Zen market or Auction house, vouchers dropped in the Stronghold, and so on). LOTS of ways to farm this currency!

The contest is open to all players, with the top three donors receiving the following prizes:

First Place: A set of three Rank 8 Bonding Runestones Second Place: Rare Rimfire Golem companion Third Place: Frostburn Gloves Pack

Our officers will check the coffer donations daily and maintain a list of each player's running total.

Remember, your donations help YOU to grow stronger as our Stronghold progresses.

Good luck and GO KILL SOMETHING!