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"Coffer Buster" Influence Contest!

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I'm pleased to announce the first event in our "Coffer Buster Contest Series," the 2x Influence Contest!

Remember, every player that qualifies for at least one raffle ticket in each of our contests will earn a raffle in our final grand prize drawing!

The first contest is an influence contest, to take advantage of the 2x Influence weekend running from February 2nd until February 6th.

During that 5 day period, your character must donate 2400 Influence in order to earn a raffle ticket in the contest drawing.

To Qualify:

For each character that donates 2400 Influence during the event, the player receives 1 raffle ticket.

Each additional 800 Influence (for each qualifying character) awards an additional raffle ticket.

Whenever you donate influence, email KAY, who will verify it.

There are 6 activities that allow you to raise Influence for free (remember that these amounts DOUBLE during 2x Influence weekends):

Stronghold Heroic Encounters - maximum of 400 Influence per day per character

Strongbox of Influence dropped during Dragonflight - worth 400 if deposited unopened, worth 2000 in vouchers if unlocked

Stronghold Boon Structure missions - mission per character for every 20 hour period. These include:

Stable - Race (Whispering Caverns) worth 40 Influence, takes 3 minutes or less

Barracks - 4 Heroic Encounters (Well of Dragons) worth 100 Influence - the HEs also drop refinement, potions, Tyranny currency, and occasional artifact equipment

Explorer's Guild - retrieve 12 chipped mugs from opening Skill nodes - worth 100 Influence, easy to run while doing other content

Temple - kill 30 enemies in the stronghold - worth 20 points (will increase as Temple is upgraded) - easy to complete while running HEs

Influence is also available from vouchers obtained off the auction house or from Stronghold Starter Packs (Zen market)

Some events (like the upcoming Siege of Neverwinter) also drop vouchers worth varying amounts.

We're going to need a little over 4.4 million Influence to finish our Stronghold build, and we currently have about 500,000 of that, so the 2x Influence event is a huge opportunity for us that can make quite a difference in our plans!


Run multiple heroic encounters and "bank" the completions - open 5 each day of the event so that you don't have to farm them that day.

Run multiple characters - the contest is designed to give everyone a fair chance at prizes without punishing players who run extra characters and play longer hours.

Save and donate Influence boxes and vouchers. They don't double but do count towards your total!

Prizes to be raffled:


Moonshae Druid, uncommon

Moonshae Druid, uncommon

Rimefire Golem, uncommon

Armored Orc Wolf, uncommon

Fawn of Shialla, uncommon

Lizardfolk Shaman, uncommon

Helmite Paladin, uncommon

Redcap Powrie, epic

Alchemist Experimentor, epic

Cockatrice, epic - w/lesser bonding


Shadow Wolf, uncommon

Winter Wolf, uncommon


Champion's Battle Horn

Champion's Battle Horn

Tymora's Lucky Coin

Frozen Throne of the North

Frozen Throne of the North

Frostborn Glove Pack

Warborn Glove Pack

Mysterious Crystal Charger

Grand Prizes

99 Lesser Thaumaturgic Stones

99 Lesser Resonance stone

25 Greater Mark of Potency

Valindra's Artifact Set (Shard of Valindra's Crown, rare quality, Amulet of Valindra's Favor, epic quality, Belt of Valindra's Guard, rare quality)