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Dragonflight for players:

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1) Watch the % - when you early kill, you are wasting someone's money - they buy those bells. Watch the percent. DO NOT EARLY KILL - you're cheating your guild when you do it and there's no justification for being careless about it.

2) If you die, don't ping for help. If there is a Healadin who can revive you, great, but anybody foolish enough to bend over and pick you up, instead of fighting the dragon, is going to get wiped - so that's TWO players who can't fight the dragon. Release and go to the campfire, then get back in the fight.

3) Unless the player running the DF arranges for you to stay behind to kill a dragon, don't stay behind to help kill the dragon. Go to the next one with everybody else. If the player assigned to kill has trouble, the player organizing the dragonflight will get them some help - do not decide to do it on your own!

4) Unless the player running the DF asks you to fight empowers, fight the dragon. The organizer should pick who fights the empowers. This is a team sport - the scoreboard doesn't give you anything extra, but focusing on it instead of cooperating with the team will cost your guild, Don't be a dick.

5) If you are playing a support class (except for a Conq GF), do not fight empowers unless the organizer doesn't have ANYBODY else and asks you to. That is especially true for a DC - if you're not buffing and debuffing at the dragon, you're costing the team DPS - you can contribute 10 times as much by buffing the other players than by trying to fight empowers.

6) If your guild is "jumping," that means that they will do one dragonflight in the current stronghold and then change to another stronghold for the next. You switch back and forth between strongholds to speed it up. AFTER a dragonflight finishes, you have to wait for the wizard to show up again before you can start the next one. if you jump to another stronghold, he is already there. When jumping, if you have VIP signpost, ask if anybody in your group needs to use it and let them go first (it vanishes when you use it), then you go last. If you don't have VIP signpost, ask if anybody in your group does and go with them, or else get back to the travel point as quick as you can!

7) Use your buffs - Use scrolls and potions of dragon slaying, use regular potions and food buffs. Use overload enchants for killing dragons. You can go to the Poison Clan stronghold to get the mark 2 overloads. These will make you much more effective without doing any extra work! use the

8) Don't camp out. A stronghold instance can hold 40 players. If you are sitting around at the cmapfire instead of fighting a dragon, you're cheating the guilds running the DF. Don't be a dick.

Dragonflight for guild leaders:

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These are some GUIDELINES and SUGGESTIONS to help you succeed with Dragonflight. I'm not your boss, these aren't orders.

What I actually AM, though is the day 1 guild leader of Poison Clan, who guided the guild from rank 1 through rank 20 without EVER requiring a single donation. no influence, no AD, no shards, no nothing. Players were never required to attend DF. They came because they cared about each other and wanted the guild to grow. I know the struggles you are going through - I went through them, too.

At one point, after a total roster rebuild, I took all new players, put them through "red dragon boot camp" to teach them how to do it... and they got it. And they grew stronger and stronger. A few higher geared players joined in and took us to the next level. Then Alliances came out and we were able to team up with more players. Then we were strong enough to do it all by ourselves.

Here are the things that worked for us...

One note - I can't tell you enough how much "jumping," see below, helped us - when running DF at full strength, we were able to get in 10 or 11 bells in two strongholds, in just a few minutes more than it took us to do 5 bells in our stronghold, waiting for the Wizard.

1) If you can't solo 4 dragons, team up with another guild. Split up the dragons however you like, but agree before you're supposed to ring the bell.

2) When it is time to ring the bell, ring it. Even if you don't get 4 kills on the first bell, players will straggle in. The quicker you are in firing off bells, the better your results will be - players get excited when it is fast paced and you get a lot of work in - that is why jumping between strongholds works so well - you don't wait 5-15 minutes for the wizard to pop back up. It used to be that the wizard would show up 10 minutes after the last bell was rung, but in the last couple of builds, I've seen it take over 10 minutes from the last dragon killed - that is too long for players to wait around when dungeons are calling them.

3) Repeating for emphasis - don't make players wait - fast, well run DF breeds success. Even if you have an early kill, can't quite kill all 4, or just are regularly getting 3 - keep it fast, keep positive in chat, and the players will improve.

4) Make sure you've got players filling your roles - two anchors to kill dragons, players to kill empowers (might be anchors on your first two, up to you)

5) don't ignore the synergy between well built groups when dividing up your players. A lot of guilds insist on sending melee to red/blue and ranged to green/black. A party of 4 dps with one tac GF or a power share OP is worth 10 players split between melee and ranged. Clerics don't have to be in a party to buff multiple groups. Have one or two strong clerics at each "army" as a minimum.

6) Use a keyboard in chat to help direct your players. You are the conductor, not the orchestra. let them make the music. When a dragon gets to 20% (or 30% if you have strong dps killing the lizards), start typing the message to go to the next dragon. Watch both "armies," but try to have another officer leading the other side of the fight who also has a keyboard. REMEMBER - type twice in guild and alliance chat. Also, don't feel bad about using Alliance chat too coordinate your dragonflight - Alliance chat is for alliance business and dragonflight is your alliance business. Anybody who complains to you can see me about it and I will set them straight.

7) Send your strongest "army" to Green or Black, then switch to the other of those two. Send your weaker players to Red/Blue starting at Red. When the stronger "army" is finished, they can race to Blue. Blue is a "revolving door of death," so even if you end up with more than 20 players there, Blue will cut the numbers down. You can also have ranged players outside of the circle, killing empowers - this makes it easier to stay under 20 and keeps the dragon from getting buffs!

8) If you don't have quite enough players to split into two groups, then start at green, leave an anchor at 3-5%, run to black, leaven an anchor at 3-5%, run to red, repeat, and kill at blue. Maybe you have enough for 2, or 3, maybe all 4, but give it a try and see what you can do.

9) If your anchor can't quite handle whittling down the dragon, have a second player hang back long enough to get to 1%, 0% if they're really good, and then join the next group. Another strategy is to leave two players there.

10) Never leave a 15k or higher character as an anchor if you can help it. 12-13k should be able to handle it - it is better to leave two 12k toons than a 15k who can be beating up the next dragon.

11) Don't waste time ringing the next bell. If you're jumping, get to the next stronghold and ring it. Players will LEARN to go faster and get there on time. They have 60 seconds anyway. Always announce in ALLIANCE chat what the stronghold you are jumping to is - then jump and ring the bell.

12) Reach out to Poison clan officers - they are all on Slack. Many of them have run hundreds of dragonflight events. they have very strong characters, they have experience, and they are friendly, good people who are with us because they want you to succeed. Any of them could go to a huge alliance of 20s but playing with you is more fun. Give them a chance to help you!

I can't emphasize these points enough:

A - Fast pace - keeps players occupied. Slow pace leads to players leaving for something more interesting. They care, they want their guild to succeed, but you have to respect their time. It is a game, after all.

B - Organize - the more organized you are before you ring the first bell, the better your results will be. Make sure you announce your anchors and empower killers in Alliance chat. If players know who is supposed to do what, they won't do as much freelancing. If they DO freelance, make sure your anchors know to tell you so you can message that player or call out for one of their officers to help you (if they aren't in your guild). No guild leader in this alliance wants their players to hinder you, or to have other players hindering them.

C- Don't be afraid to team up - other guild leaders have the exact same struggles you do and there is strength in numbers. We're all friends with the same goals - to get our guilds stronger! The alliance is about helping each other! Don't forget to reach out to Poison Clan officers - these players are lizard killers and know all the tricks!


D - If you have lower item level players at green, PLEASE send them to RED instead of Black. In fact, if you have a strong team, let them start at black while the lower geared players hit green or red. Every time a player is killed at Black, a soul puppet is raised and this is a NIGHTMARE when low item level players swarm it. The high level players can catch up at red or move on to blue as needed after killing black. Don't set yourself up for trouble you can avoid :)

alliance guidelines

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These are suggested ways to minimize conflict and tension between guilds and players.

For Players:

1) Always type TWICE in guild and Alliance chat.

There is a bug in chat that has been around since day 1 that prevents some players from seeing your message (sometimes) while others are able to see it. If you send it, then immediately press the up arrow on your DPAD and send again, you will almost always be seen at least once. If a message happens to come in between your first and second, try sending a third time.

If you don't send twice, sooner or later, somebody is going to miss seeing a message form you and somebody is going to have hurt feelings. A little courtesy and a couple of extra taps on your controller will avoid problems in ways you will not often appreciate. This is something that officers and guild leaders should make a point of emphasizing to their players!

2) When you're recruiting a group in Alliance chat, it is first come first serve.

As long you have room in your group for that class and the character's item level is high enough to get in the door, they're entitled to the spot - all alliance players are equal.

3) Don't ask for item level. Don't ask for "high dps" or "super tank" or "Godly DC" or "melt group."

Alliance chat is for Alliance players. If you want speed runs or melt groups, that's awesome - go to Protector's Enclave, SOMI, River District or where ever you like and use Looking For Group or Zone chat to build your group. The Alliance is about building each other up.

Whatever the popular slang is to keep the "scrubs" out of a group, don't use it.

4) Don't boot players from a group, don't vote kick - only applies to players in our Alliance.

There is absolutely no good reason to get in the habit of vote kicking. If a player's behavior is so rude, so vile, so intolerable that you want to vote kick, leave group and reform.

If you try a boss fight or a difficult spot in combat a couple of times, don't look for players to kick. Say "hey, let's give this one more try, then I need to go somewhere else."

I know it is 45 seconds faster to kick and replace, but it isn't worth the cost in camaraderie. No speed run is worth the knowledge that all the players in your guild and your alliance have the same courtesy and respect for you that you have for them.

If you're not having any success, get an officer or a group recruiter to help you put together a group. Odds are, they know tanks and DCs who are more than happy to hop in and help newer players out.

There are too many possible reasons why a PUG player might cause a problem, so if you need to kick them, kick them, but try to be polite first and ask them to be cooperative - it will help our reputation in the community.

5) If nobody is recruiting a group for what you want to run, try to start your own.

Instead of hopping into chat and saying "CW looking for MSVA" (or what ever it is you want to run), try to grab a couple of your friends and start a group, then ask for what you need.

Odds are, there's no mysterious group waiting in the shadows for you to hop on and announce you're looking to fill the last spot in their group. Instead, they're already running. Put your group together. If you're not good at that, look for an officer or a recruiter to help you out!

6) Help your tanks and clerics do their dailies.

Every Monday, I love to watch my weekly show - groups of 6 or 7 DPS sitting around, waiting for tanks and clerics to magically fill their groups so they can run their weekly MSVA. You see them, too.

I've got a guardian fighter, a tank paladin, and an AC DC. Doing the dailies to unlock FBI and SVA are not fun. Running dailies in IWD and Dwarven Valley are not fun. They are hard, drudging, and very time consuming on support. DPS players who help support players do dailies don't sit around in groups on Monday, waiting for the magical players to appear. They already have friends who will give them a hand with anything because they know the DPS players have their backs.

Attitude is everything.

7) Talk to other players about builds and EXPERIMENT.

Don't assume that the 1 star MMOMinds build you're running is the bomb. Your home made build probably isn't, either, though props for trying - hit the target dummies and check your combat logs! But also, talk to experienced players and listen.

I promise you, they're not going to take the time to type a novel for you, just to lead you down the wrong path. Get lots of opinions, there's more than one way to skin a cat :)

8) If you have a conflict with another player:

Be the better person - don't argue if you can help it.
Try to explain that something upsets you
Block them if they don't get the message
Take screen shots of abusive situations in chat - this lets officers and guild leaders see what's happened and help resolve your issue

9) Use the available tools to connect with other players!

Use Alliance chat - if you can get an inexpensive USB keyboard to plug into your XBOX, then guild and alliance chat will become MUCH easier.

Use Slack - ask your guild leader for an invite (you will need to provide a valid email). Officers and guild leaders for across the Alliance will be there, along with many of the most experienced and strongest players. It is a priceless tool for sharing knowledge, meeting others, and arranging for dungeons and other content!

Have fun on the Facebook page - even if you can't use Slack or get on XBOX for part of the day, you can connect to players in your Alliance there. The more you connect with other players, the farther you will go and the better your game experience will be.

10) No exploits in alliance chat

If you need to run them, that's your business, but we want to avoid getting our members banned. You never know when a moderator or game admin is in a party chat or has a character in a guild.

Also, you should never discriminate against a player who refuses to exploit or try to force the player to do so.

For Guild Leaders and Officers:

These bits of advice are drawn from direct experience as a rank 6 in Guardians of the Whispering Eye and for getting close to two years as founder and leader of Poison Clan. I hope they are useful to you!

1) The Naughty Step

I strongly recommend that you set up the first rank in your guild so that it has no chat rights. When a new player comes in the guild, promote them to rank 2. This lets you use rank 1 as a "cool down," where a player who is angry can calm down.

Before I added this in Poison Clan, I had a few instances where players blew up and lost it as their issue (and their anger) intensified. In every case, I lost the player, as they either quit or I had to remove them for their conduct.

Since then, I learned a lot about recruiting and take more time up front, but I also have "The Naughty Step," where an officer can quickly demote a player, keep them from blowing up in chat, and then I can talk to the player before things escalate too far. We've only needed to use it once (again, better recruiting), but it saved the player.

At the end of the day, having happy players is what makes your guild a success.

2) Take an extra few minutes now to avoid problems later

When you're recruiting players, take the time to chat with them, by text or voice, to let them know what your guild is about and what your expectations are. Let them know what the culture is about - it is a lot easier for a player to adjust when they know what to expect on the way in. When they don't get an "orientation," they will eventually get embarrassed over something that is common in other guilds and Alliances but not friendly here.

3) Watch chat to avoid issues

People are going to have friction sometimes. Just because two people are arguing, it doesn't mean that one of them is right and one is wrong. Both can be wrong, both can be right. What matters isn't who wins a confrontation, what matters is which players are happily adjusted and get along after a disagreement.

If an argument breaks out between two players in your guild, shut them down. If it is your player and another guild's player, try to get your player out of the argument and contact an officer form the other guild. Slack will be a huge help for that, getting in touch with officers or leaders who may not be online but can be shortly.

4) Be prepared in advance - we're going to have conflicts

Some players are hot headed. They either work it out and become part of our community or else they go along to a group more suited to them - by choice or with a little help.

When you have to remove a player, it is not a failure on your part. You've got to do what is best for most of your players and letting someone ruin the bonds you have fostered is never in the best interest of your guild.

5) Schedule Events

See the Resources section regarding the calendar.

If we use a joint calendar and the guild leaders take the time to check it, we'll never step on each other's events. As the Helm, Poison Clan will mostly run content events - like eDemo, FBI, SVA, Gambit, and so on. We will occasionally do others, like an Alliance-wide DF or whatever.

Individual guilds should talk about when they want to do an event and work out a time. Nobody "owns" a time slot - if more than one guild wants to use it, we can take turns. We're a family.

When a scheduling issue comes up, the answer will always be "take turns," though we can hopefully work out long term regular scheduling events that we don't have to argue over. Players thrive when they can plan their game time around events that help them progress! Guilds do, too.

We should have multiple guilds offering to run T3s at different parts of the day, running DF on different days, whatever.

6) Encourage players to talk in Alliance chat and Slack

The difference for players who use Slack and who are talkative in Alliance chat is amazing. There is no comparison between the two in game experiences because it builds a real sense of community. Poison Clan players will try to keep alliance chat busy, but it will take an effort from everyone to really make it last.

7) Recruiters

There are two kinds of recruiting - guild member recuriting, done by guild leaders and/or officers. Then their is the player who recruits groups to run content. You need to identify these players and encourage them because they make or break the experience of new or shy players. Your content recruiters are your best friends. If they've got the temperament for it, I suggest making them officers.


We'll set up an Alliance Facebook page and give all guild leaders the ability to invite their players to our Slack channel. We'll even dedicate private sub channels for individual guilds. Communication is what makes a guild or an Alliance work and is what forges strong relationships between gamers. We're a transient community, so the more we do to bring long term players together, the better.

I'll share build sheets with everyone. They're fairly simple - you put in positive numbers in the coffer row (the values from your coffer) and negative values for each resource type for the structures you have in your current target list. This gives you the means to plan ahead several stages and make smart decisions on which structures you build in which order. Even with our amazing players, we couldn't have gotten to 20 without requirements if we hadn't planned ahead using our build sheet!

I'll provide everyone with access to a shared Google calendar - which, by coincidence, imports events right into Slack - weekly and daily summaries of upcoming events, with a notification 15 minutes before an event starts.

The Biggest Contest EVER

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Hello, Poison Clan!

The end of our Stronghold build is coming into sight. We need to do 8 more upgrades and we're finished!

What we really are Adventurer's Shards and Influence - so we're going to do one last contest!

The contest starts Thursday, March 23rd at the daily reset and will end on Thursday, March 30th, when the 2x Professions event starts in your time zone.

The rules are simple - donate 2000 Influence (PER CHARACTER) to earn a raffle ticket.

You can donate vouchers (from Auction house or from Dragonflight or wherever) or Influence - just save it up until you have 2000.

You can donate multiple times (PER CHARACTER) for extra chances, but it has to be 2000 each time.

You can use as many characters for the contest as you desire.

I'm going to put up a list of prizes later, but they will include:

Uncommon quality (green) mounts

Uncommon quality artifact (green) equipment

Rare (blue) and epic (purple) quality insignia pack

Rare quality (blue) artifacts

Grand Prizes:

Epic quality (purple) Heavy Mystic Nightmare mount

Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifact Pack

1 raffle ticket

So you might ask... WTF, a raffle ticket?

And I say "yes, a raffle ticket... in the other part of this contest."

There are only 59 raffle tickets available for this second drawing, plus 1 ticket as a prize in the Influence contest.

The prize for this second drawing will be a legendary mount!

Once I have the actual mount in hand, I will announce the type (probably a manticore, but it depends on what is the best value in that price range).

In order to qualify for your raffle ticket, email me 5 chests of power. Only chests that are sent to @dread venomous (any character) will count towards a raffle ticket.

We need a minimum of 20 contestants to hold the drawing. Once we have 20 (100 chests), I will start popping the chests to help the build - depositing adventurer's and trying to trade the others.

You are allowed a maximum of 2 raffle tickets - we don't want to discourage donations but we want to force anybody out. If donations are low, I will announce in guild mail that this maximum has been waived and allow existing entrants to acquire more tickets to increase their chances.

Both drawings will be held on Thursday, March 30th, so make sure you deposit your Influence and email your chests before then!

Good luck!!!!

2x Influence and Grand Prize Winners

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The Influence contest was an unprecedented success. Posion Clan raised 509,160 influence (that's legit - does not include my own total). In fact, the entire Coffer Buster Contest series blew the lid of off the coffer. We're so close to Gh 20 that you can see sunlight glinting off it over by the Lake. We are almost there.

Here are the players who won prizes in the Influence contest and who won grand Prizes for the series!

ShinnonDaReaper Lostmauth Set

Realgunner4life Seldarine Set

GigoStarS Orb of Tiamat's Majesty, uncommon

MelloHz Siege Master, rare

CHEESE END Priestess of Sune, rare

Sundowner0909 Rank Bonding Runestones

Archeryhunter02 Apprentice Healer, epic

RUSS119b Battlefield Medic, epic

bubbabear63 Alchemist Experimenter, epic

chewei3166 Alchemist Experimenter, epic

Bucc up JESSE Frozen Galeb Duhr, rare

jazzyluvsphil Frozen Galeb Duhr, uncommon

DSMGUY91 Armored Orc Wolf, uncommon

MissiBabi Blink Dog, uncommon

FungalSteam6707 Water Archon, uncommon

Twentyp4st4263 Phoera, uncommon

LordDread1977 Water Horse, rare

InsaneRickey83 Winter Sled, uncommon

Serefic Crag Cat, uncommon

RainbowBright83 Crag Cat, uncommon

VampiricDreamz Map In A Bottle (qty 5)

Artemis 9293 Throne of The Lion

Lord Colaer Frozen Throne of the North

Ciaran O Rian Eye Tyrant Mask

UberKommando Eye Tyrant Mask

ZombiehireUK Mask of Lyrue

WartailSS Mask of Sharess

MistahQueen Mask of Sharess

jbird5533 Belial's Portal Stone, rare

VampiricDreamz Token of Chromatic Storm, rare

ReichBarber Eye of Lathander, rare

xxBLUFENIXxx Emblem of the Seldarine, rare

Mute Snack Belt of Valindra's Guard, uncommon

n7 ApheX Lostmaught Horn of Blasting

x John W Lostmauth Horn of Blasting

CHA BRAzzington Thunderhead enchantment, rank

xxALeX03xx Frost enchantment, rank

D4NGER MOUSE Frost enchantment, rank

Chynki1 Frost enchantment, rank

Bigwooddaddy dye pack package

FirstParasite dye pack package

Navarrae dye pack package

Shonky101 dye pack package

Sirwhaler999 dye pack package

Insanerickey83 dye pack package

CityHunter2004 dye pack package

UsepToo dye pack package

SinisterPhoenix dye pack package

garbageman2007 dye pack package

UltraThreat dye pack package

Nomad Rjhonson dye pack package

HITMUZZA dye pack package

Keetje Tippel dye pack package

MYSTIC DEMMO Insignia pack

III BadJuju III Insignia pack

NatiSwag80 Insignia pack

Crazybrat82 Insignia pack

Dagger VI1 Insignia pack

geminisky59 Insignia pack

prhec60 Insignia pack

DragonsRoar65 Insignia pack

sincubi666 Insignia pack

StitchYeti Insignia pack

dunndnn1 Insignia pack


ChanciestSea5 Insignia pack

Ks hot 66 Insignia pack

Sizzle8307 Insignia pack

InfernalHealer Insignia pack

III BadJuju III Frostborn Glove Pack

Twentyp4st4263 Frostborn Glove Pack

Realgunner4life Frostborn Glove Pack

jbird5533 Frostborn Glove Pack

Insanerickey83 Warborn Glove Pack

D4NGER MOUSE Warborn Glove Pack

sincubi666 Warborn Glove Pack

Ks hot 66 Moonshae Druid, uncommon

SinisterPhoenix Moonshae Druid, uncommon

REDMONKEYNUTS Frozen Galeb Duhr, uncommon

Lord Colaer Frozen Galeb Duhr, uncommon

Bigwooddaddy Armored Orc Wolf, uncommon

Second 2x Influence Contest!

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The second week of our Siege of Neverwinter contest is winding down. We'll have the drawing for prizes this weekend. As soon as the event ends tomorrow, 2x Influence is starting up, and that coincides with the fifth and final event in the Coffer Buster Contest series.

I can't stress enough that we are in desparate need of Influence - it will take 2.2 million Influence to finish the build with rank 10 boons. Last time, we raised over 400,000 Influence and I think we can do even more than that this time!

The rules of the contest are simple and the list of prizes is long (see below).

To qualify for a raffle ticket, you must donate 2400 Influence. Each additional 800 Influence donated earns you another ticket.

Each contestant is limited to a maximum of 2 prizes and 1 grand prize in the drawing, unless there are more prizes than contestants - everything goes in this contest.

This gives everyone a fair chance while still allowing players with multiple characters to maximize their chance of winning.

ALSO - any prizes that are not awarded in the second Siege contest will also rollover here. Everything goes in this contest!

The drawing for this contest will be early next week (Monday or Tuesday) and I'll also do the Grand Prize drawings for the "Coffer Buster Contest Series" as a whole at that time. Originally, the drawing would be for players who qualified in all 5 contests. However, the drop rates for the Siege of Neverwinter were horrible for many players and we've also had roughly 40% of the roster turning over since we started the contest series. Because of this, if you have qualified for any contest, you will get a raffle ticket in this drawing.

These are special prizes. Everybody knows about the Apparatus of Gond mount and we're giving away two lillend companions.... but my favorite parizes are 4 epic Angel of Protection Companions that Dreadnought and I donated. These represent 1 year of our time in the game and are a very sentimental prize to my thinking. If you win one, I hope you appreciate the symbolism! :)


14 dye pack packages - made up from a random selection of 12 different packs - each pack will have at least 4 packs of 1 kind of dye

15 Insignia packs - wide variety of insignia, each pack will have either 1 purple or 3 blue insignia, with the remainder made of green

Frost enchantment, rank 8

Frost enchantment, rank 8

Frost enchantment, rank 8

Thunderhead enchantment, rank 8

1 Emblem of the Seldarine, rare

1 Eye of Lathander, rare

1 Token of Chromatic Storm, rare

1 Belial's Portal Stone, rare

Mask of Sharess

Mask of Sharess

Mask of Lyrue

Eye Tyrant Mask

Eye Tyrant Mask

Frozen Throne of the North

Throne of The Lion

Map In A Bottle (qty 5)


Crag Cat, uncommon

Water Horse, rare


Phoera, uncommon

Water Archon, uncommon

Blink Dog, uncommon

Armored Orc Wold, uncommon

Frozen Galeb Duhr, uncommon

Frozen Galeb Duhr, uncommon

Frozen Galeb Duhr, uncommon

Frozen Galeb Duhr, rare

Alchemist Experimenter, epic

Alchemist Experimenter, epic

Battlefield Medic, epic

Apprentice Healer, epic

Grand Prizes:

3 Rank 8 Bonding Runestones

Priestess of Sune, rare

Siege Master, rare

1 Orb of Tiamat's Majesty, uncommon

Lostmauth Set -

Golden Belt of Puissance, uncommon

Lostmauth's Hoard Necklace, uncommon

Lostmauth's Horn of Blasting, rare

Seldarine Set -

Greater Cloak of the Seldarine, Uncommon

Greater Belt of the Seldarine, Uncommon

Emblem of the Seldarine, Rare

Grand Prizes for Coffer Buster Contest Series:

Lillend, epic

Lillend, epic

Angel of Protection, epic

Angel of Protection, epic

Angel of Protection, epic

Angel of Protection, epic

Apparatus of Gond, Epic

Siege of Neverwinter Contests

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3/3/17 - Clarification: Only Siege vouchers count towards your contest total. Cut off day for week 1 is March 9, 2017 at 6 pm UK time, 1 pm NY time, 10 am Pacific.

Hello, Poison Clan!

This Thursday, The Siege of Neverwinter starts again. This is a two week event that has the potential to blow our build schedule completely out of the water.

If you go to the Master of Coin, she gives you a mission that unlocks Stronghold vouchers from the Siege event and these vouchers can super charge our build!

At our current rate of progress, it will take roughly 15 weeks to get to GH 20, Marketplace 10, and all 4 boons to 10. If everybody jumps in and farms the Siege of Neverwinter for two weeks, we can cut the build time down to as little as 5 weeks. The vouchers are great!

So this is an amazing opportunity, which we've been looking forward to for a couple of months now. Unfortunately, it isn't a lot of fun running around in circles, killing mobs and waiting for voucher drops, so we have put together a contest... actually TWO contests, one for each week of the siege!

If you donate 100 Siege vouchers to the coffer, you will receive a raffle ticket. For each 30 vouchers afterwards, you will receive an additional raffle ticket.

It is that simple. Each week, we'll hold a drawing to find the winners. here are the prize lists, but be aware that we may add even more prizes if you start farming more - we want every raffle ticket to have a minimum value, so more vouchers means I will throw in more prizes!

Here is the list of prizes for the two 1 week contests:

Siege Week 1


Moonshae Druid, uncommon

Moonshae Druid, uncommon

Rimefire Golem, uncommon

Rimefire Golem, uncommon

Intellect Devourer, uncommon

Armored Orc Wolf, uncommon

Swashbuckler, uncommon

Fawn of Shialla, uncommon

Travelling Entertainer, uncommon

Ice Sprite, Uncommon

Wandering Scarecrow, rare

Zhentarim Warlock, rare

Redcap Powrie, epic

Apprentice Healer, epic

Black Ice Prospector, epic - w/lesser bonding


Winter Sled, uncommon

Starry Panther, uncommon

Crag Cat, uncommon


Champion's Battle Horn

Champion's Battle Horn

Lilara's Bell

Lilara's Bell

Frozen Throne of the North

Frozen Throne of the North

Throne of the Lion

Frostborn Glove Pack

Frostborn Glove Pack

Warborn Glove Pack

Bonding Runestone, Rank 8

Lostmauth Horn of Blasting, Rare

Grand Prizes

Twisted Dwarf Scroll Case

Fey Blessing Enchantment, Rank 8, QTY 5

Siege Week 2


Moonshae Druid, uncommon

Moonshae Druid, uncommon

Rimefire Golem, uncommon

Rimefire Golem, uncommon

Intellect Devourer, uncommon

Armored Orc Wolf, uncommon

Swashbuckler, uncommon

Fawn of Shialla, uncommon

Travelling Entertainer, uncommon

Ice Sprite, Uncommon

Wandering Scarecrow, rare

Zhentarim Warlock, rare

Redcap Powrie, epic

Battlefield Medic, epic

Black Ice Prospector, epic - w/lesser bonding

Duergar Theurge, epic - w/lesser bonding


Starry Panther, uncommon

Crag Cat, uncommon

Dappled Riding Horse, uncommon

Howler, rare


Imperial Dragon clock, uncommon

Eye of Lathander, Rare

Champion's Battle Horn

Champion's Battle Horn

Lilara's Bell

Lilara's Bell

Frozen Throne of the North

Frozen Throne of the North

Frozen Throne of the North

Throne of the Lion

Frostborn Glove Pack

Frostborn Glove Pack

Warborn Glove Pack

Grand Prizes

Mysterious Crystal Charger

3 Bonding Runestones, Rank 8

What are you waiting for? Get some vouchers AND GO KILL SOMETHING!

Shards Contest Results

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We did a fantastic job with the Shards contest.

26 players donated a total of 136 chests, which brought our total opened for the 2x event to 176!

That raised 35,200 of each Shard type. That gives us about 13% of the Adventurers Shards we need, over 50% each of Dungeoneers and Heroic, and well over 100% of Conqueror's Shards - in fact, we have over 28,000 Conqueror's shards stored among players that can be traded to other guilds for Adventurer's shards!

Of the 26 players, 21 of them donated 5 chests or more, which means I added both of the Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifacts Packs to the special raffle!

Here is a complete list of winners and their prizes:

Artemis9293, Resonance Set - 99 Minor Resonance Stones, 99 Lesser Resonance Stones
Bubba, Redcap Powrie, epic
Bucc up JESSE, Frostborn Glove Pack, Frozen Throne of the North
Ciaran O Rian, Power Stone Grab Bag - 40+ Minor Power Stones, 40+ Lesser Power Stones, 4+ Power Stones, 2+ Greater Power Stones
D4NGER MOUSE, Monshae Druid, uncommon, Champion's Battle Horn
EQ49, Valindra's Artifact Set (Shard of Valindra's Crown, rare quality, Amulet of Valindra's Favor, epic quality, Belt of Valindra's Guard, rare quality)
garbageman2007, Armored Orc Wolf, uncommon, 25 Greater Marks of Potency, 10 Preservation wards
geminisky59, Rimefire Golem, uncommon, RP Grab Bag - 25+ Peridots, 20+ Flawless Saphires, 125+ Aquamarines, 20+ Black opals, 1 Blood Ruby
IR Stahples, Thaumaturgic Grab Bag - 100+ Minor Thaumaturgic Stones, 40+ Lesser Thaumaturgic Stones, 4+ Thaumaturgic Stones
Ks hot 66, Resonance Set - 99 Minor Resonance Stones, 99 Lesser Resonance Stones
LycanKensai, Tymora's Lucky Coin
n7 ApheX, Warborn Glove Pack
NatiSwag80, Mysterious Crystal Charger
Nomad Rjhonson, Thaumaturgic Set - 99 Minor Thaumaturgic Stones, 99 Lesser Thaumaturgic Stones
OzzieW2002, Monshae Druid, uncommon, Champion's Battle Horn
Platsow, Helmite Paladin, uncommon
REDMONKEYNUTS, Thaumaturgic Set - 99 Minor Thaumaturgic Stones, 99 Lesser Thaumaturgic Stones
Shonky101, Fawn of Shialla, uncommon, Alchemist Experimentor, epic
Stitch Yeti, Shadow Wolf, uncommon, 10 Superior Marks of Potency, 10 Preservation wards
Sundowner0909, Stability Stone Grab Bag - 40+ Minor Stability Stones, 40+ Lesser Stability Stones, 4+ Stability Stones, 2+ Greater Stability Stones
UberKommando, 50 Cubes of Augmentation
UltraThreat, Lizardfolk Shaman, uncommon Union Stone Grab Bag - 40+ Minor Union Stones, 40+ Lesser Union Stones, 4+ Union Stones, 2+ Greater Union Stones
UnseelieFantasy, Winter Wolf, uncommon
VampiricDreamz, 25 Greater Marks of Potency, 10 Preservation wards
x John W, 25 Greater Marks of Potency, 10 Preservation wards
xxBlueFenixxx, Cockatrice, epic - w/lesser bonding

n7 ApheX, Epic Heavy Nightmare
OzzieW2002, Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifacts Pack
Platsow, Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifacts Pack

Thank you all for participating - there's no doubt that the road to GH 20 is going to be tough, but with the way our guild comes together, I'm more confident than ever that we'll not just reach our goal, we'll blow right through it!

Stronghold Chest of Power Contest

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Quick Summary:

New Contest. Email me a Stronghold Chest of Power in time for this weekend's contest (deadline is Sunday, February 12 at server reset). You get 1 raffle ticket for each chest, and a special raffle ticket for every 5 chests. Prize list is below.

Detailed Explanation:

We just finished up a wildly successful Influence contest and you guys blew the top off of it.

To help us get to our goal, the next contest is for Stronghold Chests of Power - during 2x Shards weekend!. In an ideal world, we would each buy 10 Stronghold Chests of Power and that would let us finish building the Stronghold.... but remember, donations are NOT and NEVER WILL BE required in Poison Clan - this is 100% volunteer only!

The contest is simple - email a Stronghold Chest of Power to me and you will earn 1 raffle ticket. You will earn 1 additional raffle ticket for every additional chest you send. I have purchased 40 chests to help us get started!

Additionally, for every player who donates at least 5 chests, you get an additional ticket in a special raffle - the prize is an epic Heavy Mystic Nightmare. If 10 players get into that raffle, I will add a Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifacts Pack to that special raffle... and if 20 players get into that raffle, I will add a second Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifacts Pack! Players receive an additional special pool ticket for each 5 chests they donate!

So, run some dungeons and get some salvage. Refine your salvage and convert the AD to Zen and buy some Chests from the Zen market.


I will ask some of our newest players to help put the shards into the coffer so that they can use the marks towards Dragonflight Armor or other gear.

Also, some of the shards will be traded to other guilds in exchange for Adventurer's Shards. Almost all the other gauntlets need Conqueror's Shards and we only need 6k to finish the whole build. unfortunately, we need about 260k Adventurers :)

If we get a light response for this, any unclaimed prizes from the general raffle pool will be used in our next contest, during the Siege of Neverwinter event. Unused prizes from the special pool will be liquidated to purchase Chests of power and/or gems for the coffer. If participation is as active as the Influence contest, additional prizes will be added to maintain the value of tickets!

Finally, the marks I get will be converted into scrolls, which i will farm and sell for AD, which i will then use to refine runestones to put in the coffer. Everything goes back to the coffer or to new players who need help with gear!

Prize List:


Monshae Druid, uncommon

Monshae Druid, uncommon

Rimefire Golem, uncommon

Armored Orc Wolf, uncommon

Fawn of Shialla, uncommon

Lizardfolk Shaman, uncommon

Helmite Paladin, uncommon

Redcap Powrie, epic

Alchemist Experimentor, epic

Cockatrice, epic - w/lesser bonding


Shadow Wolf, uncommon

Winter Wolf, uncommon


Champion's Battle Horn

Champion's Battle Horn

Tymora's Lucky Coin

Frozen Throne of the North

Frozen Throne of the North

Frostborn Glove Pack

Warborn Glove Pack

Mysterious Crystal Charger


25 Greater Marks of Potency, 10 Preservation wards

25 Greater Marks of Potency, 10 Preservation wards

25 Greater Marks of Potency, 10 Preservation wards

Thaumaturgic Set - 99 Minor Thaumaturgic Stones, 99 Lesser Thaumaturgic Stones

Thaumaturgic Set - 99 Minor Thaumaturgic Stones, 99 Lesser Thaumaturgic Stones

Thaumaturgic Grab Bag - 100+ Minor Thaumaturgic Stones, 40+ Lesser Thaumaturgic Stones, 4+ Thaumaturgic Stones

Power Stone Grab Bag - 40+ Minor Power Stones, 40+ Lesser Power Stones, 4+ Power Stones, 2+ Greater Power Stones

Stability Stone Grab Bag - 40+ Minor Stability Stones, 40+ Lesser Stability Stones, 4+ Stability Stones, 2+ Greater Stability Stones

Union Stone Grab Bag - 40+ Minor Union Stones, 40+ Lesser Union Stones, 4+ Union Stones, 2+ Greater Union Stones

Resonance Set - 99 Minor Resonance Stones, 99 Lesser Resonance Stones

Resonance Set - 99 Minor Resonance Stones, 99 Lesser Resonance Stones

RP Grab Bag - 25+ Peridots, 20+ Flawless Saphires, 125+ Aquamarines, 20+ Black opals, 1 Blood Ruby

Grand Prizes

50 Cubes of Augmentation

10 Superior Marks of Potency, 10 Preservation wards

Valindra's Artifact Set (Shard of Valindra's Crown, rare quality, Amulet of Valindra's Favor, epic quality, Belt of Valindra's Guard, rare quality)

Players who contribute 5 Chests of Power will receive an additional raffle ticket in a special drawing for an epic Heavy Mystic Nightmare mount (and will receive an additional ticket for each additional 5 chests donated after the first 5).

If a total of 10 players donate 5 chests each, I will add a Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifacts Pack - this will be raffled off in the same pool of tickets as the Heavy Mystic Nightmare mount.

If a total of 20 players donate 5 chests each, I will add another Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifacts Pack to the pool!

Influence Contest Results

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Congratulations, Poison Clan!

In 4 days, the guild raised 418,150 Influence - that's over 4,000 Influence per hour!

Because of all the players who jumped in and helped out (and all the raffle tickets they were awarded), I had to add a lot of prizes to the mix.

Take a peek at the attached screen shot for the winners lists and I'll get to work mailing the prizes to everyone!

Amazing job!

Prizes and winners!