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Hello, Neverwinter!

My name is Doug and I'm the guild leader of Poison Clan.

I've put together the basic guidelines of how I run Dragonflight events.

Dragonflight is a critical team sport that depends on players working cooperatively to succeed. Dragonflight is critical for players to get good armor and is critical for guilds to get the resources needed for their stronghold. If you're not interested in working with the guild hosting, then please leave the instance and let a player who WILL cooperate with the team have that spot! When PC hosts DF, we ask that you donate any vouchers/resources that you pick up (assuming your guild leader has not locked out that resource for outgoing donations). We do NOT ask that you unlock strongboxes before donating, as we do not expect you to pay for a key. If you want to do so, anyway, we greatly appreciate it.

Points to remember:

Poison Clan players do Red/Blue, alliance players Green/Black.

Leave the first dragon at 10% and go to the second.

If the player organizing DF doesn't ask you to close out a dragon, go to the next one, don't stay behind at the first dragon.

The closer will usually handle the empowers - we need for you to focus on fighting the dragons.

When you are killed, release and go back to the campfire, as nobody will stop fighting to pick you up.

Do not kill any dragons until ALL dragons are below 10% OR the organizer calls KILL KILL KILL in Zone and/or Alliance chat.

Don't use Zone chat or Alliance if you need something or want to group up, just use "Say" when you get to your dragon.

Watch for messages in Zone and/or Alliance from the organizer or your officers.

Don't camp out at the camp fire - if you're not participating, let a player come in who will join in.

Here's a map of the Stronghold showing the dragon locations, in case you're new to the event.