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Neverwinter Acronyms

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AD - Astral Diamonds

ADX - Astral Diamond Exchange

AFK - Away From keyboard (or controller)

AH - Auction House

AoE - Area of Effect

BiS - Best in Slot - meaning the best performing option for an enchant/artifact/other piece of gear/etc

BoA - Binds on Account

BoE - Binds on Equip

BoP - Binds on Pickup

CC - Cragmire Crypts

CN - Castle Never

CTA - Call to Arms - weekend "event" skirmishes

CW - Control Wizard

DC - Devoted Cleric

demo - Normal Demogorgon raid

DF - Dragonflight

DPS - Damage per Second

DR - Dread Ring

eDemo - Epic Demogorgon raid

eTOS - epic temple of the spider (master dungeon, T2)

GF - Guardian Fighter

gg - good game, good going

gj - good job

GWD - Grey Wolf Den

GWF - Great Weapon Fighter

HE - Heroic Encounter

HR - Hunter Ranger

ICD - Internal Cool Down timer

IL - Item Level

ITF - Into The Fray (GF power)

IWD - Icewind Dale

LFG - Looking for Group


KV (Knight's Valor - GF Power)

MD - Mantol Derith

NPC - Non Player Character

NW - Neverwinter

OP - Over-Powered or Oathbound Paladin

PE - Protector's Enclave

PoM - Prohesy of Madness

PVE - player versus environment

PVP - player versus player

PUG - Pick up group (also called randoms)

PWE - Perfect World Entertainment

RAD - Rough Astral Diamonds

RP - Refinement Points

RNG - Random Number Generation/Generator

SH - Stronghold

SW - Scourge Warlock

T1 - Tier 1 (dungeon or heroic - easiest level)

T2 (dungeon or heroic)

T3 (heroic, will have a T3 dungeon in Mod 10)

Throne - Throne of the Dwarven Gods skirmish

ToD - Tyranny of Dragons

TR - Trickster Rouge

WAI - Working as Intended

WoD - Well of Dragons

WTB/WTS/WTT - Want To Buy/Want To Sell/Want To Trade

XP - Experience

ZAX - Astral Diamond Exchange

Zerg - Large group of solo players running heroics as a mob usually in IWD or WoD, but also in Strongholds

Alliance Guilds:

LGPG - Look Good Play Good - the "Helm" guild

NAT - The Nation - our "Sword" guild

SIN - S.I.N. - another sword guild

AB - Alianca Brasil - another sword guild

PC - Poison Clan

MD - Mystic Dawn

FV - Flawless Victory

RoD - Reagents of Death

WL - White Lotus

XCAL - Excalibur

Lgcy - Legacy

Pain - Pain Eternal

Imrtl - Immortal

Make The Most of 2x AD

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Making the Most of 2x AD

The basic strategies for 2x AD:

I. Save all of your salvage before the event:

A. Fill every bag and bank slot on each of your characters
B. Fill your shared bank slots
C. Fill your mailbox
D. If your VIP rank is high enough to avoid posting auction house fees, post any unbound salvagable equipment for sale at a price 100% higher than what you'll get for refining it at 2x AD.

II. Buy as much Zen (on the ADX) as possible during the weeks leading up to 2x AD but stop a couple of days before when prices rise.

III. If you buy Zen for real money, save it to convert to AD during the event and then buy i tbakc later when the cost of Zen goes back down - you get more for your money, at the expense of waiting a little while for the Zen Market purchase.

IV. Don't run your weeklies until the event starts (on the week of the event)

V. Divide your salvage equally among all of your characters - there is a 36,000 AD per day limit on refining, so the more equally you spread the salvage, the quicker you will get it all refined

VI. Do AD generating activities on ALL of your characters ahead of dailies on ANY of your characters:

A. On each character, run The Cloak Tower twice (turn in seals of Adventure for the AD reward when possible)
B. On each character, run 2 skirmishes
C. On each character level 20 or higher, run 2 PvP matches (you get AD even if you lose)
D. On each character level 70 or higher, run your Maze Engine daily
E. Run skirmishes and dungeons that drop salvage on your best character (speed purposes)
    1. Throne - second fastest run, 1 drop guaranteed, a second drop with a key, could drop +4 or +5 ring(s), AD, Seal of the Elements, Underdark currency
    2. eDemo - third fastest run, 1 drop possible from completion (based on achievement level), a second drop guaranteed with a key, could drop +4 or +5 ring(s), Underdark currency, Protector seals
    3. Shores - fastest run, 1 drop guaranteed, 2nd drop with key, elemental seals - 1st run gives cache of elements
    4. eTos - fastest T2, drops elemental seals and seals of protector, 1 drop guaranteed with key, 3 more drops possible - 1st daily run gives cache of protector

VII. Sell your Zen on Friday, MAYBE on Saturday. Zen may go higher as the weekend goes on, but it might also retract once the demand is met. Don't lose profit by chasing a higher profit!

VIII. Don't buy Zen through the ADX until prices normalize after 2x AD is over - it will slowly come down as players rush to spend their AD.

Dragonflight Etiquette

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Dragonflight is the ultimate team sport in Neverwinter. There's no other activity where you can achieve as much for your guild by doing your part and no activity where you can disappoint as many people by freelancing.

Guilds depend on Dragonflight for farming resources. Progression is too expensive, the coffer too hungry, to really get to higher levels without Dragonflight. The best armor in the game requires that you farm Dragonflight to get fangs, to go along with protector Seals and Guild marks - and Dragonflight is a great source of donations to earn guild marks.

Bottom line, it is important to all of the people you play with every day, so I hope to help you avoid problems! Please keep in mind that most of these guidelines are common sense and common courtesy, and if you step outside them, you're pretty much being a dick.

Thanks to the Alliance, we're able to attend Dragonflight with other guilds and enjoy a share of the spoils. In order to help us make sure we never wear out our welcome, I'd like to give you some guidelines on what to do in events in our Stronghold and in Alliance strongholds.

Every two hours, an event called "The Travelling Wizard" runs for a 5 minute window in your stronghold.

The Travelling Wizard is the "free" Dragonflight. Any other time that you want to run Dragonflight, somebody has to contribute bells - these are purchased from the Zen market, at a cost of 500 Zen for 5 bells. That lets you run 5 Dragonflight events. Many guilds time their use of bells to allow them to work in a free one, as well, whenever possible.

When you're in an Alliance guild stronghold, you should NEVER activate the free Dragonflight. Reserve that for the guild hosting the event. Even if that guild is not running a Dragonflight event, just don't do it.

When you're in the Poison Clan stronghold, don't fire off the Travelling Wizard's Dragonflight event unless you've announced it ahead of time and given players a chance to come to the fight. First of all, it takes time to get to the dragons, take potions, and team up into effective groups. Second, starting Dragonflight stops any heroics being run, which could rob your guild mates of valuable loot or influence. So don't be selfish.

Regardless of whether you're in Poison Clan or another guild's stronghold during a Dragonflight, KNOW YOUR ROLE.

I) Switch to ZONE chat when you get to the Alliance stronghold - that is where the event is organized and directed.

II) Follow the instructions of the host guild's organizer. They're spending real life money to run this, to the benefit of everyone.

III) If the organizing player asks you to take a special role, you do it, otherwise fight the dragon - MEANING:

A) Don't fight empowers
B) Don't stay behind to kill dragons
C) If you get killed, release to the campfire and come right back
D) Do not camp out at the campfire. If you aren't fighting, leave that Stronghold so somebody else can be a productive part of the event.

IV) The player organizing the event will tell you what dragon to go to.

A) Group up at the dragon you're supposed to fight. 
B) Red dragon players also fight blue and vice versa.
C) Green dragon players also fight black and vice versa.
D) Some guilds start at black instead of green. Some guilds split players between 
E) You will typically start at one dragon, then go to a second dragon when the first dragon's health is down to 6-10 percent, depending on the guild. 
F) DO NOT FIGHT PAST 10% at the first dragon unless the host guild says 6%. DO NOT KILL unless the organizing player instructs you to.

V) When the Dragonflight is over, donate all vouchers you've earned to the hosting guild - if there isn't room, keep them for Poison Clan. Please thank the hosting guild for allowing us to participate.

ALSO - please refer to this earlier post for more information on the event in general when doing Alliance Dragonflight:

Alliance Dragonflight

Stronghold Progression Issues:

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Some time today, we'll probably start the upgrade for Guild Hall 10.

Edit: We not only started the GH 10 upgrade, we upgraded the lumberyard to rank 4!

The GH upgrades are what unlock the other structures, allowing new plots and also increasing the maximum level of existing buildings. The Guild Hall upgrades are also what slows down our progression - this upgrade is going to take 9 days.

Each Guild Hall upgrade takes the rank minus 1 day - 10 = 9 days, 11 = 10 days. The upgrade period caps at 15 days starting with rank 16.

Right off the bat, that means we have to do our best to time our upgrades to make the most of the down time between starting the guild hall upgrade and when it finishes.

However, it takes a lot of resources to upgrade structures. You also have to have a minimum number of structures at maximum rank to do the odd-numbered guild hall upgrades - the even numbered guild hall upgrades increase the max levels.

I'm explaining all of this because future upgrades are going to become progressively harder and we need to make the smartest use of our time and farming in order to get the best results we can for our efforts.

Poison Clan has never and will never require donations. First, we're primarily a "learn and level" guild, so a lot of our players can't afford to make a lot of donations - they need to grind out their boons and get their gear first. It isn't fair to make them donate. It isn't fair to make other players donate while these players do not. And, honestly, I've always been dead set against making a game into work. This should be recreation for us, not manual labor.

On the other hand, if we don't make enough progress on our Stronghold, we may be replaced in the Alliance. The Alliance isn't as profitable as I'd hoped it would be, but it still offers huge opportunities for our guild and our players, so I'm interested in protecting our place in it. I'm also interested in us not being the lowest ranked guild in the Alliance, too :)

So, to summarize, we have tough upgrades ahead, they will continue to get tougher, a significant part of the guild can't do much to help, and if we drag things out too long, the Alliance may decide a higher ranked guild in our spot will benefit all of them more.

So that's the struggle.

The answer, in my opinion, is that we follow a fairly simple plan. The players who participate have to do so entirely of their own desire to do so, 100% volunteer, or else it will not work.

1) Identify our core players, the ones who are active every day, participate in the guild and interact with other memebers, who will still be here three months from now, and who care about stronghold progression.

2) All core players cooperatively farm in groups - either to complete boons or to farm currency for the coffer. Remember that the campaigns now have tasks that generate vouchers that are worth more than the value of the consumed currencies - you can make your voucher and have leftover currency from your dailies, in most cases.

3) Those farming groups should set regular times of day that they run, to attract additional players into the groups, possibly even getting them to show up regularly. When you've got missions that would have you competing with other groups, take turns or split up into different areas to allow respawns.

A. Keep in mind that farming for campaign currency also rewards you with RP, which everyone should be stocking up for 2x RP events.
B. Also remember that you can pick up missions each day and run a zone every three days to clear all the missions - this is often easier than visiting multiple zones each day.
C. Once players complete their campaigns and boons, they'll be able to contribute more to the coffer.

4) We'll need to start selectively recruiting more players who are around the 2.5 - 2.8 item level, or higher when we can. We need to look at players we team up with as PUGs, running daily dungeons in different zones, friends and friends of friends, basically looking for players who want to join in, who can afford to help us build.

5) I personally need to stay on top of the roster, every 2-3 weeks instead of evry 4-5 weeks, which will allow us to continue bringing in new players, removing players who have quit, and making sure we have room for both the players who need us and the players who can help us with our mission.

6) We need to prioritize our build out by balancing what can fill requirements the quickest - which means that we'll occasionally need to put off upgrading a boon structure until we've accomplished another goal that allows us to rank up the boon during other upgrades.

7) We need to make a real effort to get conqueror's shards. Each character can earn 20 a day fairly easily. The "Fight To The Finish" quest awards 10 shards for completing 5x5 domination, IWD Black Ice domination, or Gauntlgrym. You are also awarded 10 daily for Stronghold siege.

8) Our core players need to continue running Influence every day and should becoem even more vocal about it, inviting other players along, so that it is easier and faster for everyone to help out. Influence is going to be a non-stop need and if everybody runs it on at least 1 character a day, we'll be able to keep up. Skipping it sets us farther and farther behind.

Everybody won't be able to participate in every activity, and some activities just won't be fun for some people, but there should be a way that every core player can solidly contribute to our goals.

Additional articles:

Construction Road Map to GH 11:

Tips for Farming Campaign Currency, Influence, and Conqueror's Shards

How to farm Conqueror's Shards:

I. Use the Fight To The Finish mission from the Stronghold's Master of Coin A. Win a 5x5 PvP Domination match B. Win a 10x10 Gauntlgrym match - Alliance players are running solo queue instances of this several times daily for their campaigns C. Put together players to run IWD Black Ice Domination 1. Get 10, 15, 30 or however many guild or alliance players you can fit into the same faction 2. Get a smaller group of players into the opposite faction 3. Go separately to Dwarven Valley, try to gt into different instances 4. Wait for Black Ice Domination to pop in an instance that is fairly empty and start inviting other players in A. Try to group 5 or more players around each node to capture for the win B. If a "challenge" is necessary, the players from the other faction can do a small attack, mark, etc. C. Once the score reaches 1000 points, no need to mine the black ice, you've already completed the mission D. Have the bulk of the players goback and switch factions, repeat the process for the other team to get their shards. D. Dozens of players can get shards in 20-30 minutes, possibly less. II. Stronghold Siege - run this AFTER fight to the finish, as it can glitch on awarding Shards A. Try to get enough players fromt he guild or Alliance to run without a lot of players from outside B. Take turns so that both teams get a win C. Some Alliance players are dicks. If they camp on the spawn, let the guild and Alliance members know so that they can leave instance D. Awards 10 shards for the victory III. Any of the missions will also award currencies and points in the PVP campaign. IV. The Elemental Evil and Maze Engine campaigns have End-of-Campaign tasks that can also generate Conqueror's Shards at the rate of 10 every 5 days.

Buying Shards and Currency:

You can also get Conqueror's Shards from Stronghold Chests of Power and from Stronghold Starter Packs.

I. Stronghold Chests of Power
    A. You get 100 of each type of Shard from each chest. 
    B. A chest costs 300 Zen. 
    C. Can be purchased from Auction house if anyone has posted one for sale, check the AD/Zen ration before buying!
    D. Once a chest is opened, the shards are bound to character!
II. Stronghold Starter Pack
    A. Contains 4 Stronghold Chests of Power, 4 Stronghold Chests of Campaigns, 20 Strongbox keys, and a Runic Bag of Holding.
        1) Chests of Power are the same as the item above, so 400 of each Shard.
        2) Chest of Campaigns 
            a. Each Chest contains 5 major vouchers - Fey, Dark, Tyranny, Frozen, or Influence
            b. Vouchers and Chests can be sold or purchased on the auction house - check AD/Zen Ratio before buying
    B. Costs 3500 Zen from Zen Market
    C. Can be purchased or sold on Auction house, check ratio! Individual components can be sold and others kept. By checking the market and selling keys, chests, and/or runic bag smartly, and USING A COUPON, you can get the cost down to as little as 100 Zen for the portion of the pack you want to use!

Farming Campaign Currency:

Sharandar, Dread Ring, and Icewind Dale campaigns all have a task that awards a voucher worth 1,000 points, while consuming fewer point's worth of currency.

These are big donation items and having 25 or 30 players running these tasks a day can obliterate a big coffer requirement in a week.

Ideally, you should always hit campaign zones in a group - this helps less powerful characters and makes it faster for you, too.

If you pick up missions every day, you can usually run 3 days worth of missions at once, which speeds things up a little, too.


If you get any benefit from the guild, you really should contribute influence. It takes a few minutes a day, especially when teamed up with other players - and by teaming up, you could he helping osme players level or complete heroics they might not get otherwise! If every player currently in our guild ran influence on ONE character a day, we'd get 52,000 Influence every day. It would take days to finish Boon structures and Guild Hall upgrades instead of weeks.

What's more, if everyone picked up the Race quest from the stable, we'd get an extra 2,600 Influence a day - and this amount goes up every couple of ranks, eventually being worth 100 Influence per payer per day. The Barracks also has an Influence quest, though it requires completing heroics and is harder.

While you might think that 20 Influence doesn't matter, if everybody in the guild makes it matter, then our numbers mean it is a real difference-maker!

Construction Road Map to GH 11:

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Here's the bottom line - the fastest way for us to hit Guild Hall 11 is to rank up the Stable, Warehouse, Market, Farm, Mine, Lumberyard, Quarry, and Mine to rank 5.

This will require:

Heroic 14040

Adventurer's 14800

Dungeoneer's 9740

Wood 154890

Stone 99700

Metal 93110

Food 201970

Labor 210680

Gold 2779

Gems 426830

Surplus Equipment 916900

Astral Diamond Chests 2385

Tyranny 1888900

Frozen 283620

Fey 233010

Dark 449900

Influence 106000

Those are the total amounts that the coffer needs to read and the minimum number of rank 5 structures for us to fire off the GH 11 upgrade.

That will run for 10 days, during which we will want to upgrade the Barracks to Rank 5 and start compiling the resources we need for Guild Hall 12.

I'll put those numbers together and post in an upcoming entry.

Some important points to keep in mind:

We need to start hoarding vouchers for FOOD, METAL, STONE, and WOOD! - starting soon, we'll need far more of these resources than our structures can produce. If we all hold our vouchers, it will save the day.

We have FOUR production structures in the Stronghold right now - the Farm, The Lumberyard, The Quarry, and the Mine. They fill up every 8 hours, meaning if we go more than 7 hours and 59 minutes between dumping the resources into the coffer, then we lose production. Please make a point of checking these structures when you're on and clicking the "TEND" button on each one - this will keep our coffer full of these resources, or as full as construction allows.

Surplus Equipment - you can spend 5 tradebars on legacy purple equipment and get 810 points worth of Surplus equipment. That's a great trade off for guild marks and is absolutely the cheapest way for us to get surplus equipment filled.

Gems - rank 7 gems are worth 100 points each and cost 6 tradebars. It isn't as efficient as surplus, so, unless we're FULL on Surplus, please go that route.

Influence and Conqueror's Shards are going to be constant needs, so please drop them in the coffer every chance you get. We'll never have a surplus of either.

EDIT - Note on Barracks 5

If we're able to collect the Influence and Conqueror's Shards to upgrade this without slowing down the GH 11 upgrade, we can swap out the Marketplace and upgrade it after firing off GH 11.

Alliance Dragonflight

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Hello, Poison Clan!

We're two days into the LGPG Alliance and it looks great so far.

We've already joined in to a number of Dragonflight events and I'm glad to see that so many of you picked up the things we were teaching back when we were doing it on our own.

There's a little difference in how the Alliance guilds do DF compared to what we practiced, and we've got some new players who need to know the ropes, so I'll detail it for you here:

 I) You're going to get dropped several times during a fight.
      A) bring injury kits if you don't have VIP rank 7 yet
      B) do NOT ding for help - release and go to the campfire
      C) do not stop to pick up downed players
           1) you will likely get killed
           2) you stop doing damage/tanking/healing
           3) other players will get killed more often
 II) Fight the dragon, NOT empowers
      A) A player or team of players will be assigned by the hosting guild
      B) if you're not assigned to fight the empower, your job is to fight the dragon - PERIOD
      C) Clerics, Guardian Fighters, and Paladins NEVER fight empowers
 III) When fighting green/red and dragon gets to 10%
      A - STOP 
      B - if at RED, run to BLUE
      C - if at GREEN, run to BLACK
      D - if at BLUE see if BLACK is close to 10%
      E - if at BLACK see if BLUE is close to 10%
      F - ONLY go for the KILL When:
            1) less than 1 minute remains and the extra minute is needed OR
            2) all dragons are less than 10% OR
            3) an officer from the hosting guild gives the KILL order
  IV) Remember at all times that you are a GUEST in the other stronghold
       A) Treat all players with the same courtesy you treat each other in PC
       B) If someone mistreats you, contact a PC officer, then ignore the player
       C) When all Dragonflights have been run (or if you need to leave early)
            1) Save all Influence for Poison Clan
            2) Donate any vouchers to the hosting guild
            3) If you have resources that won't fit in our coffer, donate - you need guild marks, after all!
            4) Never donate Conqueror's Shards, we will always need them
            5) Do not donate any resources to S.I.N. coffer, as they have locked all outbound donations
  V) Get your gear, get experience, and have fun!

What new players need to know:

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First, turn on your guild boons!

Go to the Character menu
Select Boons
Select Guild
Under Defense, select the Defense boon. (currently 3200)
Under Utility, select the XP boon (currently 12% bonus)
Under Offense, you have a choice between Power and Armor Pen (both currently at 2,000)

Second, type TWICE in guild chat!

Guild chat has a bug. If you type your message once, some players will not see it. Type out your message, send it, then press the UP button on your controller's DPAD to send it a second time. That way, everyone will get to see what you're saying and you won't feel ignored.

Third, don't limit your guild experience to XBOX!

    We have a Slack channel - it is an app for your phone, tablet, or computer. Players use it all day long while they're at work or otherwise offline, but they can still answer questions for you and give great advice. You can also reach out to players for help in-game if they're set to invisible in the game or if they're not online but coud log in. Nothing will help you more in this Guild than using Slack and that is no joke!

    We also have a Facebook Group, as well as this CMS, to help you. Wormwood has a Youtube channel dedicated to videos that teach you about the game. We've even got a forum (forum.poisonclan.org) with articles on Potions, Builds, and much more. You've got a lot of options for connecting with (and learning from) your guild mates!

Fourth, if you need help, ask for it!

We don't know unless you tell us. At the same time, ther'es no need to SPAM or harass other players. Offer to team up with other players to do dailies in any zone you enter - it will help you AND them. If you need help with a boss fight or something difficult, odds are a shout out to the guild will get you help fast. Don't forget to use Slack, Facebook, or our other resources!

Fifth and finally, don't be a dick. That's our one rule, please don't break it.


Our friend Wormwood has been working on a series of videos to teach you many different facets of the game, including leveling, builds, making AD, Dragonflight and more.

Take some time to watch the videos. There's something for everyone. I've been playing for more than a year and still have picked up good pointers from him!


Facebook Group and Slack Channel

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Poison Clan's official Slack channel is an app you use on your phone, tablet, or computer.

It has live, real time group conversations and private messages. Players talk to each other there whether they're on XBOX at the time or not - meaning you can get help on a lot of different subjects just by logging on and asking.

To get an invitation, send your email address to Doug in game or via real life email (using D at DSR7 dot com)

Poison Clan has an official Facebook page, available here:


To join, you'll need to message an admin with the name on your FB account, your GT, and the name of your main character in the guild.

Admins are Jazzy, Kaelb, Jish, and Vadina.