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Flag of Iron Shards Contest

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We're excited to announce a new contest! Due to yesterday's surprise Stronghold sale, we're actually holding the contest a little earlier than planned!

The contest is a raffle with 10 epic mounts and companions, with the possibility of a legendary War Triceratops!

Our Stronghold is in desperate need of Shards of Power to build out the stronghold. While we normally count on the players to earn them by doing Stronghold missions, this sale is a great opportunity to make a big dent in our coffer!

In order to earn a ticket in the raffle, you just need to donate one Stronghold Chest of Power. Normally, these are available from the Zen Market at 300 Zen, but, this weekend, they're 20% off (240 Zen). That's just a little over 100,000 AD at current exchange rates.

What's more, if we have 30 entries, it will unlock a "Grand Prize," the Legendary War Triceratops!

You can earn as many raffle tickets as you want - just send the chests to Siniestro to make sure your entry is counted properly.

All entries must be received by 1 pm Eastern (New York time) on Monday, June 11th!