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The Biggest Contest EVER

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Hello, Poison Clan!

The end of our Stronghold build is coming into sight. We need to do 8 more upgrades and we're finished!

What we really are Adventurer's Shards and Influence - so we're going to do one last contest!

The contest starts Thursday, March 23rd at the daily reset and will end on Thursday, March 30th, when the 2x Professions event starts in your time zone.

The rules are simple - donate 2000 Influence (PER CHARACTER) to earn a raffle ticket.

You can donate vouchers (from Auction house or from Dragonflight or wherever) or Influence - just save it up until you have 2000.

You can donate multiple times (PER CHARACTER) for extra chances, but it has to be 2000 each time.

You can use as many characters for the contest as you desire.

I'm going to put up a list of prizes later, but they will include:

Uncommon quality (green) mounts

Uncommon quality artifact (green) equipment

Rare (blue) and epic (purple) quality insignia pack

Rare quality (blue) artifacts

Grand Prizes:

Epic quality (purple) Heavy Mystic Nightmare mount

Glorious Resurgence Epic Artifact Pack

1 raffle ticket

So you might ask... WTF, a raffle ticket?

And I say "yes, a raffle ticket... in the other part of this contest."

There are only 59 raffle tickets available for this second drawing, plus 1 ticket as a prize in the Influence contest.

The prize for this second drawing will be a legendary mount!

Once I have the actual mount in hand, I will announce the type (probably a manticore, but it depends on what is the best value in that price range).

In order to qualify for your raffle ticket, email me 5 chests of power. Only chests that are sent to @dread venomous (any character) will count towards a raffle ticket.

We need a minimum of 20 contestants to hold the drawing. Once we have 20 (100 chests), I will start popping the chests to help the build - depositing adventurer's and trying to trade the others.

You are allowed a maximum of 2 raffle tickets - we don't want to discourage donations but we want to force anybody out. If donations are low, I will announce in guild mail that this maximum has been waived and allow existing entrants to acquire more tickets to increase their chances.

Both drawings will be held on Thursday, March 30th, so make sure you deposit your Influence and email your chests before then!

Good luck!!!!