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Second 2x Influence Contest!

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The second week of our Siege of Neverwinter contest is winding down. We'll have the drawing for prizes this weekend. As soon as the event ends tomorrow, 2x Influence is starting up, and that coincides with the fifth and final event in the Coffer Buster Contest series.

I can't stress enough that we are in desparate need of Influence - it will take 2.2 million Influence to finish the build with rank 10 boons. Last time, we raised over 400,000 Influence and I think we can do even more than that this time!

The rules of the contest are simple and the list of prizes is long (see below).

To qualify for a raffle ticket, you must donate 2400 Influence. Each additional 800 Influence donated earns you another ticket.

Each contestant is limited to a maximum of 2 prizes and 1 grand prize in the drawing, unless there are more prizes than contestants - everything goes in this contest.

This gives everyone a fair chance while still allowing players with multiple characters to maximize their chance of winning.

ALSO - any prizes that are not awarded in the second Siege contest will also rollover here. Everything goes in this contest!

The drawing for this contest will be early next week (Monday or Tuesday) and I'll also do the Grand Prize drawings for the "Coffer Buster Contest Series" as a whole at that time. Originally, the drawing would be for players who qualified in all 5 contests. However, the drop rates for the Siege of Neverwinter were horrible for many players and we've also had roughly 40% of the roster turning over since we started the contest series. Because of this, if you have qualified for any contest, you will get a raffle ticket in this drawing.

These are special prizes. Everybody knows about the Apparatus of Gond mount and we're giving away two lillend companions.... but my favorite parizes are 4 epic Angel of Protection Companions that Dreadnought and I donated. These represent 1 year of our time in the game and are a very sentimental prize to my thinking. If you win one, I hope you appreciate the symbolism! :)


14 dye pack packages - made up from a random selection of 12 different packs - each pack will have at least 4 packs of 1 kind of dye

15 Insignia packs - wide variety of insignia, each pack will have either 1 purple or 3 blue insignia, with the remainder made of green

Frost enchantment, rank 8

Frost enchantment, rank 8

Frost enchantment, rank 8

Thunderhead enchantment, rank 8

1 Emblem of the Seldarine, rare

1 Eye of Lathander, rare

1 Token of Chromatic Storm, rare

1 Belial's Portal Stone, rare

Mask of Sharess

Mask of Sharess

Mask of Lyrue

Eye Tyrant Mask

Eye Tyrant Mask

Frozen Throne of the North

Throne of The Lion

Map In A Bottle (qty 5)


Crag Cat, uncommon

Water Horse, rare


Phoera, uncommon

Water Archon, uncommon

Blink Dog, uncommon

Armored Orc Wold, uncommon

Frozen Galeb Duhr, uncommon

Frozen Galeb Duhr, uncommon

Frozen Galeb Duhr, uncommon

Frozen Galeb Duhr, rare

Alchemist Experimenter, epic

Alchemist Experimenter, epic

Battlefield Medic, epic

Apprentice Healer, epic

Grand Prizes:

3 Rank 8 Bonding Runestones

Priestess of Sune, rare

Siege Master, rare

1 Orb of Tiamat's Majesty, uncommon

Lostmauth Set -

Golden Belt of Puissance, uncommon

Lostmauth's Hoard Necklace, uncommon

Lostmauth's Horn of Blasting, rare

Seldarine Set -

Greater Cloak of the Seldarine, Uncommon

Greater Belt of the Seldarine, Uncommon

Emblem of the Seldarine, Rare

Grand Prizes for Coffer Buster Contest Series:

Lillend, epic

Lillend, epic

Angel of Protection, epic

Angel of Protection, epic

Angel of Protection, epic

Angel of Protection, epic

Apparatus of Gond, Epic