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ToD Donation Contest

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Hello, Poison Clan!

We're at an interesting intersection of need and opportunity when it comes to the guild hall progression.

Today, the Siege of Neverwinter event starts, which drops Tyranny of Dragons currency. Right now, we REALLY need a couple hundred thousand ToD to finish the Mine, so our officers decided to throw a new contest!

The contest starts today and runs until midnight on Friday November 18th, Pacific time (meaning Saturday, November 19th at 8 am UK time or 3 am New York time).

Any Tyranny of Dragons currency counts, which includes:

Fallen Dragon Fang 125 pts
Dragon Hoard Coins 5 pts
Linu's Favor 415 pts
Page of Arcane Lore 95 pts
Cult Secret 90 pts
Dragon Sigil 100 pts
Dragon Gem 250 pts
Dragon Bone 250 pts
Dragon Forged Steel 250 pts
Shard of Dragon Forged Steel 1000 pts
Stolen Tyranny Treasures 25 pts
Minor Treasures of Tyranny Voucher 795 pts
Basic Treasures of Tyranny Voucher 1,590 pts
Major Treasures of Tyranny Voucher 3,695 pts

You can gain Tyranny currency from the Siege of Neverwinter event, the daily Harper missions in Protector's Enclave, the Harper dragons (and their missions) in Neverdeath, Ebon Downs, Icespire Peak, Rothe Valley, and Whispering Caverns, the missions in Well of Dragons, heroic encounters and Dragon heralds in Well of Dragons, and vouchers from all kinds of sources (chests available in Zen market or Auction house, vouchers dropped in the Stronghold, and so on). LOTS of ways to farm this currency!

The contest is open to all players, with the top three donors receiving the following prizes:

First Place: A set of three Rank 8 Bonding Runestones Second Place: Rare Rimfire Golem companion Third Place: Frostburn Gloves Pack

Our officers will check the coffer donations daily and maintain a list of each player's running total.

Remember, your donations help YOU to grow stronger as our Stronghold progresses.

Good luck and GO KILL SOMETHING!