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New Influence Contest!

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Hello, Poison Clan!

I'm sad to say we didn't reach our goal of 440,000 Influence with the contest, but we did get over 345,000!

Our prize winners are:

Kikyo - Stack of 99 resonance stones
Soth420 - Epic Rimfire Golem
Kris Deadeye - Tymora's Lucky Coin (substitute prize since the Epic Savage Polar Bear mount was not awarded).

Straylight was the winner of our officer contest.

So we did a lot of Influence, but we've got a couple of things we still need. We need another 95,000 Influence to start GH 15, never mind all the upgrades after it, and we need to find a home for this Savage Polar Bear!

To solve both problems, we're starting a new contest TODAY and it will run until server reset on Sunday, December 4th.

The contest goal is to raise 150,000 Influence.

If we reach that goal, we will raffle off the Epic Savage Polar Bear mount to any gamer tag that qualifies.

To qualify for the raffle, you must submit at least 2800 Influence (400 x 7 days) per GAMER TAG.

Players with multiple characters will have the same chance to win as players with a single character - though the players with more than one character will be able to reach the minimum influence quicker.

Each player that qualifies will get ONE raffle ticket if we meet our Influence goal.

I've already donated 4000 Influence to get us started and will donate more this week, as well.

Today's guild mail will notify you of the contest results from last week, announce the new contest, and explain to everyone why Influence is so important to the guild's success.

Good luck and somebody win this thing, I need the inventory space!