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Neverwinter Acronyms

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AD - Astral Diamonds

ADX - Astral Diamond Exchange

AFK - Away From keyboard (or controller)

AH - Auction House

AoE - Area of Effect

BiS - Best in Slot - meaning the best performing option for an enchant/artifact/other piece of gear/etc

BoA - Binds on Account

BoE - Binds on Equip

BoP - Binds on Pickup

CC - Cragmire Crypts

CN - Castle Never

CTA - Call to Arms - weekend "event" skirmishes

CW - Control Wizard

DC - Devoted Cleric

demo - Normal Demogorgon raid

DF - Dragonflight

DPS - Damage per Second

DR - Dread Ring

eDemo - Epic Demogorgon raid

eTOS - epic temple of the spider (master dungeon, T2)

GF - Guardian Fighter

gg - good game, good going

gj - good job

GWD - Grey Wolf Den

GWF - Great Weapon Fighter

HE - Heroic Encounter

HR - Hunter Ranger

ICD - Internal Cool Down timer

IL - Item Level

ITF - Into The Fray (GF power)

IWD - Icewind Dale

LFG - Looking for Group


KV (Knight's Valor - GF Power)

MD - Mantol Derith

NPC - Non Player Character

NW - Neverwinter

OP - Over-Powered or Oathbound Paladin

PE - Protector's Enclave

PoM - Prohesy of Madness

PVE - player versus environment

PVP - player versus player

PUG - Pick up group (also called randoms)

PWE - Perfect World Entertainment

RAD - Rough Astral Diamonds

RP - Refinement Points

RNG - Random Number Generation/Generator

SH - Stronghold

SW - Scourge Warlock

T1 - Tier 1 (dungeon or heroic - easiest level)

T2 (dungeon or heroic)

T3 (heroic, will have a T3 dungeon in Mod 10)

Throne - Throne of the Dwarven Gods skirmish

ToD - Tyranny of Dragons

TR - Trickster Rouge

WAI - Working as Intended

WoD - Well of Dragons

WTB/WTS/WTT - Want To Buy/Want To Sell/Want To Trade

XP - Experience

ZAX - Astral Diamond Exchange

Zerg - Large group of solo players running heroics as a mob usually in IWD or WoD, but also in Strongholds

Alliance Guilds:

LGPG - Look Good Play Good - the "Helm" guild

NAT - The Nation - our "Sword" guild

SIN - S.I.N. - another sword guild

AB - Alianca Brasil - another sword guild

PC - Poison Clan

MD - Mystic Dawn

FV - Flawless Victory

RoD - Reagents of Death

WL - White Lotus

XCAL - Excalibur

Lgcy - Legacy

Pain - Pain Eternal

Imrtl - Immortal