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The Guild's Rule - Don't Be A Dick

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Good morning, Poison Clan!

The only rule for the guild is Don't Be A Dick.

That means treat other players in the game like you're a decent human being and treat your guildmates like family.

There will eb disagreements, but we'll work those out.

What we can't work out, though, is a player acting like a dick and we'll move quickly to correct the problem.

Some classic dick moves:

 *Kill stealing/objective stealing - especially bad in Sharandar and IWD, but not cool anywhere.

 *Vote kicking - sometimes it can't be helped, like when a player is camping or disconnected, otherwise, it is just a dick move.

 *Using exploits

 *Stealing from other players (during trades, not returning borrowed items, other bullshit).

You get the idea. If these are your tactics, you'll be happier somewhere else and should look for a guild where you fit in.