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Dragonflight Etiquette

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Dragonflight is the ultimate team sport in Neverwinter. There's no other activity where you can achieve as much for your guild by doing your part and no activity where you can disappoint as many people by freelancing.

Guilds depend on Dragonflight for farming resources. Progression is too expensive, the coffer too hungry, to really get to higher levels without Dragonflight. The best armor in the game requires that you farm Dragonflight to get fangs, to go along with protector Seals and Guild marks - and Dragonflight is a great source of donations to earn guild marks.

Bottom line, it is important to all of the people you play with every day, so I hope to help you avoid problems! Please keep in mind that most of these guidelines are common sense and common courtesy, and if you step outside them, you're pretty much being a dick.

Thanks to the Alliance, we're able to attend Dragonflight with other guilds and enjoy a share of the spoils. In order to help us make sure we never wear out our welcome, I'd like to give you some guidelines on what to do in events in our Stronghold and in Alliance strongholds.

Every two hours, an event called "The Travelling Wizard" runs for a 5 minute window in your stronghold.

The Travelling Wizard is the "free" Dragonflight. Any other time that you want to run Dragonflight, somebody has to contribute bells - these are purchased from the Zen market, at a cost of 500 Zen for 5 bells. That lets you run 5 Dragonflight events. Many guilds time their use of bells to allow them to work in a free one, as well, whenever possible.

When you're in an Alliance guild stronghold, you should NEVER activate the free Dragonflight. Reserve that for the guild hosting the event. Even if that guild is not running a Dragonflight event, just don't do it.

When you're in the Poison Clan stronghold, don't fire off the Travelling Wizard's Dragonflight event unless you've announced it ahead of time and given players a chance to come to the fight. First of all, it takes time to get to the dragons, take potions, and team up into effective groups. Second, starting Dragonflight stops any heroics being run, which could rob your guild mates of valuable loot or influence. So don't be selfish.

Regardless of whether you're in Poison Clan or another guild's stronghold during a Dragonflight, KNOW YOUR ROLE.

I) Switch to ZONE chat when you get to the Alliance stronghold - that is where the event is organized and directed.

II) Follow the instructions of the host guild's organizer. They're spending real life money to run this, to the benefit of everyone.

III) If the organizing player asks you to take a special role, you do it, otherwise fight the dragon - MEANING:

A) Don't fight empowers
B) Don't stay behind to kill dragons
C) If you get killed, release to the campfire and come right back
D) Do not camp out at the campfire. If you aren't fighting, leave that Stronghold so somebody else can be a productive part of the event.

IV) The player organizing the event will tell you what dragon to go to.

A) Group up at the dragon you're supposed to fight. 
B) Red dragon players also fight blue and vice versa.
C) Green dragon players also fight black and vice versa.
D) Some guilds start at black instead of green. Some guilds split players between 
E) You will typically start at one dragon, then go to a second dragon when the first dragon's health is down to 6-10 percent, depending on the guild. 
F) DO NOT FIGHT PAST 10% at the first dragon unless the host guild says 6%. DO NOT KILL unless the organizing player instructs you to.

V) When the Dragonflight is over, donate all vouchers you've earned to the hosting guild - if there isn't room, keep them for Poison Clan. Please thank the hosting guild for allowing us to participate.

ALSO - please refer to this earlier post for more information on the event in general when doing Alliance Dragonflight:

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