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Alliance Dragonflight

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Hello, Poison Clan!

We're two days into the LGPG Alliance and it looks great so far.

We've already joined in to a number of Dragonflight events and I'm glad to see that so many of you picked up the things we were teaching back when we were doing it on our own.

There's a little difference in how the Alliance guilds do DF compared to what we practiced, and we've got some new players who need to know the ropes, so I'll detail it for you here:

 I) You're going to get dropped several times during a fight.
      A) bring injury kits if you don't have VIP rank 7 yet
      B) do NOT ding for help - release and go to the campfire
      C) do not stop to pick up downed players
           1) you will likely get killed
           2) you stop doing damage/tanking/healing
           3) other players will get killed more often
 II) Fight the dragon, NOT empowers
      A) A player or team of players will be assigned by the hosting guild
      B) if you're not assigned to fight the empower, your job is to fight the dragon - PERIOD
      C) Clerics, Guardian Fighters, and Paladins NEVER fight empowers
 III) When fighting green/red and dragon gets to 10%
      A - STOP 
      B - if at RED, run to BLUE
      C - if at GREEN, run to BLACK
      D - if at BLUE see if BLACK is close to 10%
      E - if at BLACK see if BLUE is close to 10%
      F - ONLY go for the KILL When:
            1) less than 1 minute remains and the extra minute is needed OR
            2) all dragons are less than 10% OR
            3) an officer from the hosting guild gives the KILL order
  IV) Remember at all times that you are a GUEST in the other stronghold
       A) Treat all players with the same courtesy you treat each other in PC
       B) If someone mistreats you, contact a PC officer, then ignore the player
       C) When all Dragonflights have been run (or if you need to leave early)
            1) Save all Influence for Poison Clan
            2) Donate any vouchers to the hosting guild
            3) If you have resources that won't fit in our coffer, donate - you need guild marks, after all!
            4) Never donate Conqueror's Shards, we will always need them
            5) Do not donate any resources to S.I.N. coffer, as they have locked all outbound donations
  V) Get your gear, get experience, and have fun!